Bloodborne Official Artworks

Filename: bloodborne-official-artworks.pdf
ISBN: 1772940364
Release Date: 2017-06-13
Number of pages: 256
Author: Sony
Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Download and read online Bloodborne Official Artworks in PDF and EPUB In the terrifying video game Bloodborne, deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner of a horror-filled gothic city. Bloodborne: Official Artworks collects the hair-raising artwork behind this modern action role-playing classic. Included are character concepts, creature designs, location illustrations, weapons, items, and more!

Bloodborne Strategy Guide

Filename: bloodborne-strategy-guide.pdf
ISBN: 3869930691
Release Date: 2015-03-24
Number of pages: 400
Author: Future Press

Download and read online Bloodborne Strategy Guide in PDF and EPUB

Dark Souls

Filename: dark-souls.pdf
ISBN: 1926778898
Release Date: 2014-01-21
Number of pages: 128
Author: From Software
Publisher: Udon Entertainment Corporation

Download and read online Dark Souls in PDF and EPUB "Showcasing the grim and chilling artwork behind the fan-favorite game, [this book] features key visuals, concept art, character & monster designs, rough sketches, and an exclusive interview with the game's creators"--Dust jacket back.


Filename: bloodborne-the-old-hunters-collector-s-edition-gui.pdf
ISBN: 3869930721
Release Date: 2016-06-27
Number of pages: 224

Download and read online BLOODBORNE THE OLD HUNTERS COLLECTOR S EDITION GUI in PDF and EPUB With the release of The Old Hunters, Bloodborne becomes complete. And since the expansion is worthy of its own guide, here we go again: our Bloodborne Collector's Edition Guide is about to get the perfect companion. With the same understated look, unparalleled detail and luxurious extra content, these two books are designed -- inside and out -- to sit side-by-side. The original Bloodborne Collector's Edition Guide is one of the highest rated and best-received game books ever made, and we're giving The Old Hunters the same treatment. Whether you want to fully explore the new areas, learn everything there is to know about each new weapon and character, understand the intricate Lore or admire the work of FromSoftware's concept artists, you'll have a single, invaluable resource to delve into. A Whole New Game: an entire chapter dedicated to highlighting the ways Bloodborne has changed since its release and analyzing how The Old Hunters impacts progression through the full game. Hunting the Nightmare: using our unique hybrid area guide format, exclusive, beautifully illustrated maps take you through the new areas the way you want -- either follow along a route or focus on a single location -- you determine the pace of action. Twice the Arsenal: the Old Hunters almost doubles your available tools, so the possibilities in combat have increased exponentially. Find out not only how every new weapon, spell and Caryll Rune works and is used most efficiently, but how they affect Bloodborne's existing arsenal as well. The Most Lethal Enemies: new nightmare creatures are introduced in The Old Hunters, and -- here's a promise -- they're the toughest and most lethal you'll have faced in Bloodborne. We've dedicated countless hours to turn killing each of them into a science you can rely upon, no matter what play style or equipment you prefer. Interconnected Lore: detailing NPC quests and character interactions is no longer just an invaluable extra -- it's our aim to provide the most complete look at Bloodborne's story and character connections available anywhere! Every important line of text or dialog that links one place or character to another is laid out in an intuitive format for clarity and reference. Extended Art: we've made it our highest priority to showcase FromSoftware's glorious original and newly created artwork on lavishly designed pages. Each piece is displayed sharp and in full size for your viewing pleasure.


Filename: okami.pdf
ISBN: 1897376022
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 285
Author: Capcom
Publisher: Udon Entertainment Corporation

Download and read online Okami in PDF and EPUB - Okami is one of the newest Capcom action games boasting a very unique art style, heavily inspired by Japanese watercolor painting. The Okami Official Complete Works art book will take you behind the scenes to the amazing artwork that defines the wonderful world of this beautiful video game! The 288 full color pages are filled with character and location designs, concept sketches and production notes from the creators giving you an in-depth look at the fantasy world of Okami! A truly inspiring book, translated into English for the first time!

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

Filename: the-art-of-horizon-zero-dawn.pdf
ISBN: 1785653636
Release Date: 2017-02-22
Number of pages: 192
Publisher: Titan Books

Download and read online The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn in PDF and EPUB The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn is the ultimate gallery of the hotly anticipated new IP from Guerrilla Games (Killzone series). It focuses on the stunning artwork used to develop the game, and includes over 300 images, sketches, and concept art, commentary throughout from the artists and creators. This is an in-depth insight into a world as beautiful as it is dangerous. Over 1000 years ago a cataclysm destroyed life as we know it, forcing humans to the brink of extinction. In our place machines rose, and nature took back our cities, until all that was left of our world was the rumours of the old ones and the ruins of a civilisation long past. The tribes of the new world live scattered, some small and humble, some as powerful as kings. If Aloy, an outcast and hunter, is to find her true place in this world she must combat the great robotic creatures of the land and uncover the mysteries of a lost civilisation.

Dark Souls II

Filename: dark-souls-ii.pdf
ISBN: 1927925568
Release Date: 2016-02-09
Number of pages: 240
Author: From Software
Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Download and read online Dark Souls II in PDF and EPUB Collecting the dark and haunting artwork behind the critically-acclaimed Dark Souls II in a prestigious hardcover tome. Dark Souls II: Design Works features armor and weapon designs, character concepts, creatures, locations, rough sketches, an exclusive interview with the game's creators, and more!

Persona 3

Filename: persona-3.pdf
ISBN: 1927925258
Release Date: 2014-12-16
Number of pages: 144
Author: Atlus
Publisher: Udon Entertainment Corporation

Download and read online Persona 3 in PDF and EPUB - Featuring the character designs of Shigenori Soejima! Go behind the scenes of Persona 3, one of the most unique and respected RPG's ever. Inside you'll find character designs, rough sketches, storyboards, backgrounds and settings, an exclusive interview with the game's creators, and more!

The Legend of Zelda Art Artifacts

Filename: the-legend-of-zelda-art-artifacts.pdf
ISBN: 9781630089382
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Number of pages: 424
Author: Nintendo
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online The Legend of Zelda Art Artifacts in PDF and EPUB The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts contains over four hundred pages of fully realized illustrations from the entire thirty-year history of The Legend of Zelda™ including artwork from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild! Every masterwork is printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format so you can immerse yourself in the fine details of each piece. This book includes rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and much, much more! The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts collects many of your favorite masterpieces from the storied franchise, as well as rare and never before seen content, presented in one handsome hardcover. Select artwork from the entirety of the franchise! A nostalgic look at the past! An exciting look at the future! Interviews with some of the artists behind The Legend of Zelda™ series!

Dishonored The Dunwall Archives

Filename: dishonored-the-dunwall-archives.pdf
ISBN: 9781630081119
Release Date: 2014-12-02
Number of pages:
Author: Various
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Dishonored The Dunwall Archives in PDF and EPUB The artworks, manuscripts, and scraps of information gathered throughout Dunwall are collected at last. It has been a long and difficult journey to archive these tales of our cursed city, but it is my hope that you, reading this now, will take heed, and learn from those gone before you to forge your own destiny. The Dunwall Archives are now yours--what will you do with them now that you know the truth in these pages?

Power Up

Filename: power-up.pdf
ISBN: 9780486816425
Release Date: 2016-10-10
Number of pages: 336
Author: Chris Kohler
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

Download and read online Power Up in PDF and EPUB "Chris Kohler brings the passionate intensity of a hardcore fan to his writing, but he also has the background knowledge and the critical facilities to explore video games as an industry, as a medium, and as a cultural phenomenon." — Wired. Why are Japanese video games a worldwide sensation? This enjoyable and informative survey explores the reasons, starting with how Japanese developers raised the medium to an art form. The book also traces the ways in which the developers' ideas infused popular culture beyond the gaming world. Interviews, anecdotes, and personal accounts offer insights from giants of the industry, including Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, and others involved in the creation of Donkey Kong, Mario, Pokémon, and other games. This revised edition includes updated material throughout the book as well as a new bonus chapter. "While it appears that Japanese gaming is on the wane today, it's worth your time to read about an era when nothing could be further from the truth." — IGN "Quite excellent... a great read." — Hardcore Gaming 101 "Direct and insightful ... I believe that it belongs on the top shelf of any collector." — Steve Kent, author of The Ultimate History of Video Games

Art of Path of Exile

Filename: art-of-path-of-exile.pdf
ISBN: 1524102644
Release Date: 2017-09-12
Number of pages: 152
Author: Various Artists
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Download and read online Art of Path of Exile in PDF and EPUB Dynamite Entertainment and Grinding Gear Games are proud to present Art of Path of Exile, a visual history from the online action role-playing game's initial development through the five subsequent expansions. With behind-the-scenes concept art for characters and creatures, expansive vistas of vividly colorful environments, and a sneak peak at upcoming content, this all-encompassing retrospective gives millions of fans an insider's perspective of Path of Exile's dark fantasy world.

Bloodborne Official Artworks

Filename: bloodborne-official-artworks.pdf
ISBN: 4048657984
Release Date: 2016-02-26
Number of pages: 255
Author: 電撃攻略本編集部

Download and read online Bloodborne Official Artworks in PDF and EPUB 『Bloodborne』および『Bloodborne The Old Hunters』の世界を創り出した、数々のイメージボードを網羅。血と神秘に満ちた「獣狩りの夜」の深淵を紡ぎ出す、ファン待望のアートブック。

The Art of Final Fantasy IX

Filename: the-art-of-final-fantasy-ix.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105110175226
Release Date: 2000-12-01
Number of pages: 159
Author: Brady Games
Publisher: Brady

Download and read online The Art of Final Fantasy IX in PDF and EPUB BradyGames The Art of FINAL FANTASY IX features an inside look at the stunning art from FINAL FANTASY IX. The book includes rarely-seen concept art and detailed pencil sketches, an immense collection of character art, airship and vehicle designs, monsters and unique weapon images, and full-page scenes from the most beautiful cinemas in video game history. Entertaining and informative commentary is provided as well as anecdotal captions relevant to story and events of FINAL FANTASY IX.

Dark Souls III Prima Official Game Guide

Filename: dark-souls-iii-prima-official-game-guide.pdf
ISBN: 0744017084
Release Date: 2016-04
Number of pages: 400
Author: Prima Games
Publisher: Prima Games

Download and read online Dark Souls III Prima Official Game Guide in PDF and EPUB The Dark Souls III guide includes... Comprehensive Walkthrough with Detailed Maps: Learn the location of every dangerous encounter, trap, shortcut, and important item in every area of the game. Equipment, Spell, and Item Data: A full armory of items, weapons, spells, armor, and upgrades for your perusal. Learn where the best equipment is located and how best to level it up. Character Build Analysis and Strategies: Use our authors' extensive testing to your advantage. We provide ideas and concepts for character builds to help you define your playstyle. Enemy Tactics and Boss Strategies: Tips and tricks for every encounter. Learn the tells for every attack that a major enemy makes so you can counter their strikes effectively. Free mobile-friendly eGuide! Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web-access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.