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pala 주로 lien 그릇 제품 서비스 조회, 거래, 소통의 장을 제공해 드립니다.구매, 결제, 송장 확인까지 모든 단계에서 공급업체와 연락...을 통해 구매자, 공급업체 및 물류 서비스 공급자를 연결하여 화물 운송을 관리하는 공통 플랫폼, 고품질 lien 그릇 제품 전시, 투명한 가격, 제조업체의 모든 공급원. lien 그릇

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This is a description of a traditional Korean lacquered bowl called a maeul-lien. The bowl is a treasured heirloom, passed down through generations and generally kept in a family shrine.

Maeul-lien bowls have been a part of Korean culture for hundreds of years. Made from layers of lacquer, clay, and gold, these bowls were traditionally used as vessels for food and alcohol offerings, and were kept in the family shrine room.

Measuring around fifteen centimeters in diameter, Maeul-lien bowls are crafted with elaborate patterns, often featuring circlets of plant, bird, and animal motifs. The most common design features two mandarin ducks, which symbolize fidelity and fidelity in marriage. The smooth interior of the bowl is also ornamented in patterns of lotus leaves, peonies, and geometric shapes.

The bowl is first formed from a combination of lacquer and clay. The lacquer is mixed with a pigment, usually yellow, to create the mahogany colored base. Next, a combination of gold powder, beeswax, and resin are applied to create the gold ornaments and symbols adorning the exterior of the bowl. The colors of the lacquer, base, and ornaments are often chosen to have a symbolic meaning.

The entire surface of the bowl is then polished multiple times, to obtain its smooth and shiny finish. Finally, the finished product is inspected and finalized, before being passed down to the next generation.

This bowl, along with its beautiful colors, designs, and symbolism, has long been a symbol of family affection, with the hopes that it will be maintained and treasured for generations. It is believed that this beautiful bowl will ing the family harmony and good fortune.

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