Teaching Social Foundations of Education

Filename: teaching-social-foundations-of-education.pdf
ISBN: 9781135608323
Release Date: 2014-04-08
Number of pages: 256
Author: Dan W. Butin
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Teaching Social Foundations of Education in PDF and EPUB This book, the first comprehensive, critical examination of the theory and pedagogy of the field of social foundations of education and its relevance and role within teacher education: *Articulates central questions in the field--such as "What is social foundations?"; "Is there a social foundations canon?"; "Is it possible to teach for social justice?"; "What is student resistance?"; *Explores the limits and possibilities of teaching social foundations of education; *Provides strong arguments for the continued relevance of the discipline for teacher education; *Features a variety of clearly presented, theoretically grounded models for teaching social foundations within teacher education programs--including aesthetic education, critical theory, and eco-justice perspectives, the use of community-based oral histories, and experiential learning activities; *Provides concrete examples, actual syllabi, and a host of additional resources to help faculty teach, publish, and do research; and *Proposes new directions for research and dialogue within the field. This volume is an ideal entrance into the field for graduate students, junior faculty, and professors from other areas of education who are teaching in the social foundations field for the first time.

Handbook of Research in the Social Foundations of Education

Filename: handbook-of-research-in-the-social-foundations-of-education.pdf
ISBN: 9781135283797
Release Date: 2011-07-05
Number of pages: 736
Author: Steven Tozer
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Handbook of Research in the Social Foundations of Education in PDF and EPUB Parts one and two of this volume present the theoretical lenses used to study the social contexts of education. These include long-established foundations disciplines such as sociology of education and philosophy of education as well as newer theoretical perspectives such as critical race theory, feminist educational theory, and cultural studies in education. Parts three, four, and five demonstrate how these theoretical lenses are used to examine such phenomena as globalization, media, popular culture, technology, youth culture, and schooling. This groundbreaking volume helps readers understand the history, evolution, and significance of this wide-ranging, often misunderstood, and increasingly important field of study. This book is appropriate as a reference volume not only for scholars in the social foundations of education but also for scholars interested in the cultural contexts of teaching and learning (formal and informal). It is also appropriate as a textbook for graduate-level courses in Social Foundations of Education, School and Society, Educational Policy Studies, Cultural Studies in Education, and Curriculum and Instruction.

Social foundations of education

Filename: social-foundations-of-education.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015070535946
Release Date: 1966
Number of pages: 90
Author: Robert Holmes Beck

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The Social Foundations Reader

Filename: the-social-foundations-reader.pdf
ISBN: 1433129426
Release Date: 2016-03-30
Number of pages: 364
Author: Eleanor Blair
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

Download and read online The Social Foundations Reader in PDF and EPUB The Social Foundations Reader is meant for undergraduate and graduate students in introductory foundations of education classes. No other contemporary reader provides such a broad and yet critical view of the issues typically addressed in an introductory foundations course. Instead, most provide a generic and typically conservative perspective on schools and classrooms and do little to encourage students to consider the important roles of critical theory and social justice in the creation of school environments that are responsive to issues of equity and diversity. This book provides a different lens through which students can view what happens in twenty-first-century schools while also considering the perspectives of multiple constituencies: parents, teachers, students and communities. The reader of this text is exposed to a wide range of scholarship in the foundations of education; essays range from the more traditional work of John Dewey to the controversial ideas of Henry Giroux. Contested topics associated with teaching, learning and leading in contemporary public schools are considered within a context where grappling with the answers to fundamental questions that will ultimately guide meaningful school reform is an essential part of becoming an educator. Each of the five sections in the book is accompanied by an introduction and summary/reflection questions to both guide reading and challenge students to think critically about how to synthesize and apply the ideas being presented.

Exploring socio cultural themes in education

Filename: exploring-socio-cultural-themes-in-education.pdf
ISBN: 0130164542
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 347
Author: Joan Strouse
Publisher: Prentice Hall

Download and read online Exploring socio cultural themes in education in PDF and EPUB This book presents a unique opportunity to read many original source materials written by authors representing diverse points of view and a broad spectrum of history in the field of education. It offers a personal philosophical perspective on the work of teaching; the function of schools in our society; and the relationships between education and productivity. Unlike most introductions to the profession, the issues raised in this book bring readers face-to-face with themselves and with the challenging dilemmas they will confront as teachers. It provides exceptional coverage of community and the changing social, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic landscape of our society and its impact on schools, children, and teaching. In addition, the book answers the following questions: What are the relationships between culture, society, and education?, What are the dynamics of daily life in schools as institutions in particular organizational and community contexts?, In what ways are gender, language, culture, race, social class, and the relationship between school and work important to education?, and What orientations and strategies can teachers adopt that will enable them to become more transformative educators? For individuals contemplating a career in teaching.

New Social Foundations for Education

Filename: new-social-foundations-for-education.pdf
ISBN: 1433122782
Release Date: 2015-06
Number of pages: 195
Author: Philip Wexler
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

Download and read online New Social Foundations for Education in PDF and EPUB There has been growing scholarly attention to questions about the revival of religion and religiosity on global social, cultural and political fronts and the emergence of a 'post-secular' society. "New Social Foundations for Education" is dedicated to the drawing of the implications of the contemporary 'post-secular' social transformation for education. Though the question of the 'post-secular' stands at the focal point of a wide range of academic debates and discussions, within educational discourse it has not received close scholarly attention. This volume aims to correct this lack by presenting groundbreaking works of leading scholars from Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. Contributions discuss such topics as the mystical tradition and its social and pedagogic implications; transformative and ecological education; 'new age' spiritualism and its educational implications; and the relations between secular and religious education in different local contexts.

Social foundations of education

Filename: social-foundations-of-education.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015008665633
Release Date: 1956
Number of pages: 638
Author: William Oliver Stanley

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Social Education for Peace

Filename: social-education-for-peace.pdf
ISBN: 9781137534057
Release Date: 2015-04-08
Number of pages: 173
Author: C. Carter
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Social Education for Peace in PDF and EPUB Carter illuminates and validates the vital role of visioning in social education. The book features peace in social education with instructional recommendations, planning resources and descriptions of transdisciplinary learning. It elaborates mindful citizenship across social, environmental, ethical, geographic, economic and political realms.

Education and society 1500 1800

Filename: education-and-society-1500-1800.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015008873997
Release Date: 1982
Number of pages: 324
Author: Rosemary O'Day
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd

Download and read online Education and society 1500 1800 in PDF and EPUB Evolution de la notion d'éducation et, par la même, de la place de l'enfant dans la famille et dans la société.

Schooling in America

Filename: schooling-in-america.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015004845288
Release Date: 1984
Number of pages: 408
Author: Daniel Selakovich
Publisher: New York : Longman

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Social Foundations for Becoming a Teacher

Filename: social-foundations-for-becoming-a-teacher.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015062875508
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 292
Author: Forrest W. Parkay
Publisher: Pearson College Division

Download and read online Social Foundations for Becoming a Teacher in PDF and EPUB Social Foundations for Becoming a Teacher fosters awareness of social trends, issues, and forces that influence teachers in today's high-stakes environment of education. Based on the successful introductory text Becoming a Teacher, this breakout text focuses on the sociological issues related to schools, communities, and teaching. Ideal for use in any pre-professional teaching course, Social Foundations for Becoming a Teacher offers a practical, readable overview of such topics as teachers' working conditions, school culture, diversity, and ethnicity, and social realities in American schools.

Social Foundations of Education

Filename: social-foundations-of-education.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015026929151
Release Date: 1968
Number of pages: 458
Author: William Earle Cole

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Cultural Diversity and Education

Filename: cultural-diversity-and-education.pdf
ISBN: 9781317222460
Release Date: 2015-12-22
Number of pages: 366
Author: James A. Banks
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Cultural Diversity and Education in PDF and EPUB Now available in paperback, the sixth edition of this definitive text provides students a strong background in the conceptual, theoretical, and philosophical issues in multicultural education from a leading authority and scholarly leader of the field---James A. Banks. In the opening chapter author Banks presents his well-known and widely used concept of Dimensions of Multicultural Education to help build an understanding of how the various components of multicultural education are interrelated. He then provides an overview on preparing students to function as effective citizens in a global world; discusses the dimensions, history, and goals of multicultural education; presents the conceptual, philosophical, and research issues related to education and diversity; examines the issues involved in curriculum and teaching; looks at gender equity, disability, giftedness, and language diversity; and focuses on intergroup relations and principles for teaching and learning. This new edition incorporates new concepts, theories, research, and developments in the field of multicultural education and features: A new Chapter 5, "Increasing Student Academic Achievement: Paradigms and Explanations" provides important explanations for the achievement gap and suggests ways that educators can work to close it. A new Chapter 7, "Researching Race, Culture, and Difference," explains the unique characteristics of multicultural research and how it differs from mainstream research in education and social science. A new Chapter 14, "Principles for Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Society" contains research-based guidelines for reforming teaching and the school in order to increase the academic achievement and social development of students from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, language, and gender groups. A new Appendix—"Essential Principles Checklist"—designed to help educators determine the extent to which practices within their schools, colleges, and universities are consistent with the research-based findings described in the book.