Rebels Rising

Filename: rebels-rising.pdf
ISBN: 9780195378559
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 334
Author: Benjamin L. Carp
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Rebels Rising in PDF and EPUB "The cities of eighteenth-century America packed together tens of thousands of colonists, who met to debate the issues of the day in back rooms and taverns, on the wharves on in the streets. In this fascinating work, Carp shows how these various urban meeting places provided the tinder and spark for the American Revolution, focusing on colonial America's five most populous cities -- particularly Boston's waterfront community, New York taverngoers, Newport congregations, Charleston's elite patriarchy, and the common people who gathered outside Philadelphia's State House. He describes how the cities became the flashpoints for legislative protests, committee meetings, massive outdoor gatherings, newspaper harangues, boycotts, customs evasion, violence, and riots -- all of which laid the groundwork for war"--Page 4 of cover.

Rebels Rising

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ISBN: 9781620512623
Release Date: 2017-04-04
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Author: Shanna Swendson
Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

Download and read online Rebels Rising in PDF and EPUB Risking all for freedom – and love The governor has disbanded the Colonial Assembly, removing the last shred of representative government from American shores. The Rebel Mechanics and their magister allies can’t let the Empire get away with that. The time has come to act. But to truly start turning the wheels of revolution, they need popular support from ordinary laborers, housewives, students, and the middle class—people outside the rebel movements. That’s a job for Verity Newton, under the guise of her journalistic alter ego. As the rebel movement builds momentum, Verity must take a more public, open stand for the cause—a stand that could jeopardize her job, her home, and her place in society. At the same time, a revolution is the only way Verity stands a chance of being with Lord Henry, since they’re divided by class and by the fact that he’s wanted for treason. It’s a risk she’s willing to take.

Star Wars TM Der Ausl ser

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ISBN: 3734161185
Release Date: 2017-04
Number of pages: 400
Author: James Luceno

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Red Rising

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ISBN: 9783641147419
Release Date: 2014-10-27
Number of pages: 576
Author: Pierce Brown
Publisher: Heyne Verlag

Download and read online Red Rising in PDF and EPUB Wenn du Gerechtigkeit willst, musst du dafür kämpfen! Der junge Darrow lebt in einer Welt, in der die Menschheit die Erde verlassen und die Planeten erobert hat. Bei der Besiedlung des Mars kommt ihm eine wichtige Aufgabe zu, das jedenfalls glaubt Darrow, der in den Minen im Untergrund schuftet, um eines Tages die Oberfläche des Mars bewohnbar zu machen. Doch dann erkennt er, dass er und seine Leidensgenossen von einer herrschenden Klasse ausgebeutet werden. Denn der Mars ist längst erschlossen, und die Oberschicht lebt in luxuriösen Städten inmitten üppiger Parklandschaften. Sein tief verwurzelter Gerechtigkeitssinn lässt Darrow nur eine Wahl: sich gegen die Unterdrücker aufzulehnen. Dabei führt ihn sein Weg zunächst ins Zentrum der Macht. Der unerschrockene Darrow schleust sich in ihr sagenumwobenes Institut ein, in dem die Elite herangezogen wird. Denn um sie vernichtend schlagen zu können, muss er einer von ihnen werden ...


Filename: rebels.pdf
ISBN: 9780307422941
Release Date: 2009-10-14
Number of pages: 560
Author: Peter De Rosa
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Download and read online Rebels in PDF and EPUB "A WORK OF GREAT DRAMATIC POWER climaxing in the final hundred pages where he writes a full, searing narrative of the patriot leaders' last days . . . It's powerful stuff." --The Sunday Press (Ireland) On Easter Monday of 1916, a thousand Irish men and women, armed with pikes and rifles, took over the center of Dublin and proclaimed a republic. It was a rash, doomed, symbolic uprising, and the rebel leaders knew it. Crack British troops killed and wounded hundreds of the rebels in the week of fighting, and British artillery shells left Dublin's city center in ruins. But the Rising of 1916 was not in vain. The short-lived insurrection and the subsequent executions of sixteen rebel leaders galvanized the Irish people. The overthrow of seven centuries of British rule in Ireland began on Easter Monday, 1916. In Rebels, Peter de Rosa, author of the bestselling Vicars of Christ, tells the story of the 1916 Rising in all its terror and beauty. With the dramatic flair of a novelist and the scrupulous accuracy of a professional historian, de Rosa brings to life the people, passions, politics, and repercussions of this historic event. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Filename: rebels.pdf
ISBN: 9780141969305
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Number of pages: 400
Author: Fearghal McGarry
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online Rebels in PDF and EPUB A vivid chronicle of the first blow in the Irish revolution - by the people who were there In 1947 the Bureau of Military History was established by the Irish government to record the experiences of those who took part in the fight for independence. In 1959, the results of this research - including 1,773 'witness statements' - were placed in 83 steel boxes and locked into a strongroom in Government Buildings. Rebels, edited by one of Ireland's top young historians, brings the best of the surviving accounts of the Easter Rising together into a comprehensive, accessible and thrillingly readable telling of that much-debated insurrection, the first in a series of events that brought about Irish independence. From the witnesses' recollections of their schooling and other childhood influences to their accounts of what happened at Easter 1916, Rebels tells this famous story in a new and exhilarating way. 'A remarkable book' Pat Kenny, RTE 'If you want to know what [the Rising] was actually like, then Rebels is a good place to start' Sunday Business Post 'The most moving material concerns the surrender and the aftermath, including imprisonment and the identification and interrogation of key figures in the Rising' Irish Times

Star Wars Jyn die Rebellin

Filename: star-wars-jyn-die-rebellin.pdf
ISBN: 9783736799981
Release Date: 2017-10-10
Number of pages: 400
Author: Beth Revis
Publisher: Panini

Download and read online Star Wars Jyn die Rebellin in PDF and EPUB Der neue Roman zum aktuellen Star Wars Kinoerfolg Rogue One. Im Fokus steht dabei die Vorgeschichte der jungen Titelheldin Jyn Erso. Als Jyn 5 Jahre alt war wurde ihre Mutter ermordet und ihr Vater entführt, um dem Imperium zu dienen. Der mürrische Einzelgänger Saw Gerrera nahm sich ihrer an und bildete sie zur Kämpferin aus. Der Beginn eines Lebens als Rebellin, die einst das Imperium in seinen Grundfesten erschüttern sollte.

As If an Enemy s Country

Filename: as-if-an-enemy-s-country.pdf
ISBN: 9780199745951
Release Date: 2010-03-08
Number of pages: 304
Author: Richard Archer
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online As If an Enemy s Country in PDF and EPUB In the dramatic period leading to the American Revolution, no event did more to foment patriotic sentiment among colonists than the armed occupation of Boston by British soldiers. As If an Enemy's Country is Richard Archer's gripping narrative of those critical months between October 1, 1768 and the winter of 1770 when Boston was an occupied town. Bringing colonial Boston to life, Archer moves between the governor's mansion and cobble-stoned back-alleys as he traces the origins of the colonists' conflict with Britain. He reveals the maneuvering of colonial political leaders such as Governor Francis Bernard, Lieutenant Governor Thomas Hutchinson, and James Otis Jr. as they responded to London's new policies, and he evokes the outrage many Bostonians felt toward Parliament and its local representatives. Equally important, Archer captures the popular mobilization under the leadership of John Hancock and Samuel Adams that met the oppressive imperial measures--most notably the Sugar Act and the Stamp Act--with demonstrations, Liberty Trees, violence, and non-importation agreements. When the British government responded with the decision to garrison Boston with troops, it was a deeply felt affront to the local population. Almost immediately, tempers flared and violent conflicts broke out. Archer's tale culminates in the swirling tragedy of the Boston Massacre and its aftermath, including the trial of the British troops involved--and sets the stage for what was to follow.

The People s Rising

Filename: the-people-s-rising.pdf
ISBN: 9780717159154
Release Date: 1995-11-01
Number of pages: 384
Author: Daniel Gahan
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

Download and read online The People s Rising in PDF and EPUB The Wexford Rising of 1798 was the most bloody campaign in Irish history since the Williamite wars. In little than a month, over 30,000 people died. The Rising, which had been launched on a tide of revolutionary optimism, ended in slaughter. After this, the first republican revolt, Irish history was changed forever. 'The People's Rising' is the most detailed narrative history of the Wexford Rising yet written. Based on a wide variety of sources, many of which were not available to earlier historians, Daniel Gahan's account is rich in detail and original in interpretation. It is the most complete account yet written of this tragic and heroic event.

The Road Story and the Rebel

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ISBN: 0809388170
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Number of pages:
Publisher: SIU Press

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Dash Lily

Filename: dash-lily.pdf
ISBN: 9783641207595
Release Date: 2017-10-09
Number of pages: 320
Author: Rachel Cohn
Publisher: cbt Verlag

Download and read online Dash Lily in PDF and EPUB Endlich - die Geschichte von Dash und Lily geht weiter ... Seit Dash und Lily letztes Weihnachten ein Paar geworden sind, ist allerhand passiert: Lilys geliebter Großvater hatte einen Herzinfarkt und die Familie steht vor der schwierigen Frage, ob sie ihn noch zu Hause betreuen kann. Lily leidet sehr unter der angespannten Situation. Dabei steht in zwölf Tagen bereits wieder Weihnachten vor der Tür – Lilys Lieblingstage im Jahr! Höchste Zeit für Dash, ihr den magischen Zauber von New York City im Dezember wieder vor Augen zu führen ...

Ireland s 1916 Rising

Filename: ireland-s-1916-rising.pdf
ISBN: 9781317112860
Release Date: 2016-05-06
Number of pages: 532
Author: Mark McCarthy
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Ireland s 1916 Rising in PDF and EPUB In light of its upcoming centenary in 2016, the time seems ripe to ask: why, how and in what ways has memory of Ireland’s 1916 Rising persisted over the decades? In pursuing answers to these questions, which are not only of historical concern, but of contemporary political and cultural importance, this book breaks new ground by offering a wide-ranging exploration of the making and remembrance of the story of 1916 in modern times. It draws together the interlocking dimensions of history-making, commemoration and heritage to reveal the Rising’s undeniable influence upon modern Ireland’s evolution, both instantaneous and long-term. In addition to furnishing a history of the tumultuous events of Easter 1916, which rattled the British Empire’s foundations and enthused independence movements elsewhere, Ireland’s 1916 Rising mainly concentrates on illuminating the evolving relationship between the Irish past and present. In doing so, it unearths the far-reaching political impacts and deep-seated cultural legacies of the actions taken by the rebels, as evidenced by the most pivotal episodes in the Rising’s commemoration and the myriad varieties of heritage associated with its memory. This volume also presents a wider perspective on the ways in which conceptualisations of heritage, culture and identity in Westernised societies are shaped by continuities and changes in politics, society and economy. In a topical conclusion, the book examines the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Garden of Remembrance in 2011, and looks to the Rising’s 100th anniversary by identifying the common ground that can be found in pluralist and reconciliatory approaches to remembrance.

The Rising New Edition

Filename: the-rising-new-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9780191046254
Release Date: 2016-01-21
Number of pages: 400
Author: Fearghal McGarry
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Rising New Edition in PDF and EPUB The Easter Rising of 1916 not only destroyed much of the centre of Dublin — it changed the course of Irish history. But why did it happen? What was the role of ordinary people in this extraordinary event? What motivated them and what were their aims? These basic questions continue to divide historians of modern Ireland. The Rising is the story of Easter 1916 from the perspective of those who made it, focusing on the experiences of rank and file revolutionaries. Fearghal McGarry makes use of a unique source that has only recently seen the light of day — a collection of over 1,700 eye-witness statements detailing the political activities of members of Sinn Féin and militant groups such as the Irish Republican Brotherhood. This collection represents one of the richest and most comprehensive oral history archives devoted to any modern revolution, providing new insights on almost every aspect of this seminal period. The Rising shows how people from ordinary backgrounds became politicized and involved in the struggle for Irish independence. McGarry illuminates their motives, concerns, and aspirations, highlighting the importance of the Great War as a catalyst for the uprising. He concludes by exploring the Rising's revolutionary aftermath, which in time saw the creation of the independent state we see today. This edition includes a new preface which reflects on the continuing importance of the Easter Rising as a symbol of Irish nationhood, and which looks at the 2016 centenary commemorations in both Ireland and the UK within the wider context of the 'Decade of Centenaries.'

The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution

Filename: the-oxford-handbook-of-the-american-revolution.pdf
ISBN: 9780199324033
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Number of pages: 696
Author: Edward G. Gray
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution in PDF and EPUB The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution draws on a wealth of new scholarship to create a vibrant dialogue among varied approaches to the revolution that made the United States. In thirty-three essays written by authorities on the period, the Handbook brings to life the diverse multitudes of colonial North America and their extraordinary struggles before, during, and after the eight-year-long civil war that secured the independence of thirteen rebel colonies from their erstwhile colonial parent. The chapters explore battles and diplomacy, economics and finance, law and culture, politics and society, gender, race, and religion. Its diverse cast of characters includes ordinary farmers and artisans, free and enslaved African Americans, Indians, and British and American statesmen and military leaders. In addition to expanding the Revolution's who, the Handbook broadens its where, portraying an event that far transcended the boundaries of what was to become the United States. It offers readers an American Revolution whose impact ranged far beyond the thirteen colonies. The Handbook's range of interpretive and methodological approaches captures the full scope of current revolutionary-era scholarship. Its authors, British and American scholars spanning several generations, include social, cultural, military, and imperial historians, as well as those who study politics, diplomacy, literature, gender, and sexuality. Together and separately, these essays demonstrate that the American Revolution remains a vibrant and inviting a subject of inquiry. Nothing comparable has been published in decades.

Der Report der Magd

Filename: der-report-der-magd.pdf
ISBN: 9783492970594
Release Date: 2017-04-03
Number of pages: 400
Author: Margaret Atwood
Publisher: Piper ebooks

Download and read online Der Report der Magd in PDF and EPUB Die provozierende Vision eines totalitären Staats, in dem Frauen keine Rechte haben: Die Dienerin Desfred besitzt etwas, was ihr alle Machthaber, Wächter und Spione nicht nehmen können, nämlich ihre Hoffnung auf ein Entkommen, auf Liebe, auf Leben ... Margaret Atwoods »Report der Magd« wurde zum Kultbuch einer ganzen Generation und von Volker Schlöndorff unter dem Titel »Die Geschichte der Dienerin« verfilmt.