The law comes to Texas

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Release Date: 1999-01
Number of pages: 403
Author: Frederick Wilkins
Publisher: State House Pr

Download and read online The law comes to Texas in PDF and EPUB The Era of Sam Bass, John Wesley Hardin, King Fisher and the Sutton-Taylor Feud provides the framework for the activities of legendary Rangers such as Lee Hall, John Hughes, Bill McDonald, N.O. Reynolds, Dan Roberts, Bass Outlaw and Lee McNelly, and for Rangers such as John Armstrong, G.W. Arrington and George Baylor who should be better known for their contributions to the legends.

Ranger s Law

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Release Date: 2007-11-13
Number of pages: 640
Author: Elmer Kelton
Publisher: Forge Books

Download and read online Ranger s Law in PDF and EPUB Written by the most honored Western writer of all time, Ranger's Law presents three novels from Elmer Kelton's acclaimed saga of the formative years of the Texas Rangers. In Ranger's Trail, set in the decade following the Civil War, young David "Rusty" Shannon hopes to join the "ranging companies" being formed to curb depredations by Indian bands and renegade outlaws. Waiting will give him time to find and kill the man who murdered his fiancée - but the trail Rusty is following may lead to the wrong man. Texas Vendetta pairs Rusty Shannon, now a Ranger private, with Farley Brackett, a Civil War veteran, to deliver a prisoner, Jayce Landon, to a sheriff of a distant county. The mission won't be easy. Landon killed a member of a rival clan and Rusty and his partner are riding into the middle of a blood feud. In Jericho's Road, Ranger Andy Pickard, who as a child was taken captive by the Comanche and called 'Badger Boy,' is assigned to ride patrol on the Texas-Mexico border and finds his few miles along the Rio Grande in the center of a range war. Two of the most recognizable Texas symbols – the Rangers and Elmer Kelton – come together in these unforgettable adventures in Ranger's Law. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Rawhide Ranger Ira Aten

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Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 452
Author: Bob Alexander
Publisher: University of North Texas Press

Download and read online Rawhide Ranger Ira Aten in PDF and EPUB Ira Aten was the epitome of a frontier lawman. He enrolled in Company D of the Texas Rangers during the transition from Indian fighters to peace officers. The years Ira spent as a Ranger were packed with adventure, border troubles, shoot-outs, major crimes, and manhunts. Aten's role in these events earned him a spot in the Ranger Hall of Fame.

Law Enforcement Agencies of Colorado Colorado Mounted Rangers List of Law Enforcement Agencies in Colorado Colorado State Patrol

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Download and read online Law Enforcement Agencies of Colorado Colorado Mounted Rangers List of Law Enforcement Agencies in Colorado Colorado State Patrol in PDF and EPUB Chapters: Colorado Mounted Rangers, List of law enforcement agencies in Colorado, Colorado State Patrol, Denver Police Department, Colorado Springs Police Department, Denver Sheriff Department, Colorado Department of Corrections, . Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 42. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: The Colorado Rangers / Colorado Mounted Rangers are the oldest statewide law enforcement organization in Colorado, organized in 1861. Today the Colorado Rangers / Colorado Mounted Rangers are an all volunteer organization trained to assist any law enforcement, emergency or disaster response agency that requests assistance. Rangers across Colorado also work with municipal and county governments, non-profit organizations and businesses by providing crowd control, traffic control, and security. Every year, Rangers donate over 10,000 hours of volunteer service to the communities they serve. The Rangers trace their roots to the Jefferson Rangers, organized in 1859 to keep the peace in the unofficial Jefferson Territory during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, often guarding shipments of gold coming out of the camps. In 1861, the Colorado Territory was established, and the Rangers were reorganized as the Colorado Rangers. Rangers would serve as Colorado's only statewide law enforcement through the 1920s. The Colorado Rangers were fashioned after the well known Texas Rangers and often served both law enforcement and militia roles in the early days of the Colorado Territory. Rangers, along with other Colorado volunteers were instrumental in the Battle of Glorieta Pass. This battle was key in stopping the Confederate advance towards the Colorado gold fields. This battle is now known as the "Gettysburg of the West" During this time, Rangers were still upholding the law in Colorado as well. In 1862, Cap...More: http: //

Weapons of the U S Army Rangers

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Author: Russ Bryant Susan Bryant

Download and read online Weapons of the U S Army Rangers in PDF and EPUB

The Texas Rangers

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ISBN: 9780786456390
Release Date: 2010-04-23
Number of pages: 348
Author: Darren L. Ivey
Publisher: McFarland

Download and read online The Texas Rangers in PDF and EPUB The Texas Ranger law enforcement agency features so prominently in Texan and Wild West folklore that its accomplishments have been featured in everything from pulp novels to popular television. After a brief overview of the Texas Rangers' formation, this book provides an exhaustive account of every known Ranger unit from 1823 to present. Each chapter provides a brief contextual explanation of the time period covered and features entries on each unit's commanders, periods of service, activities, and supervising authorities. Appendices include an account of the Rangers' battle record, a history of the illustrious badge, documents relating to the Rangers, and lists of Rangers who have died in service, been inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, or received the Texas Department of Public Safety's Medal of Valor.

The Texas Rangers

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ISBN: 9780292781108
Release Date: 1965
Number of pages: 608
Author: Walter Prescott Webb
Publisher: University of Texas Press

Download and read online The Texas Rangers in PDF and EPUB The Texas Rangers presents one of the most picturesque phases of Texas history, capturing the spirit of a fabled institution.

The Texas Rangers

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ISBN: 1429941421
Release Date: 2008-03-18
Number of pages: 496
Author: Mike Cox
Publisher: Forge Books

Download and read online The Texas Rangers in PDF and EPUB Texas writer/historian Mike Cox explores the inception and rise of the famed Texas Rangers. Starting in 1821 with just a handful of men, the Rangers' first purpose was to keep settlers safe from the feared and gruesome Karankawa Indians, a cannibalistic tribe that wandered the Texas territory. As the influx of settlers grew, the attacks increased and it became clear that a much larger, better trained force was necessary. From their tumultuous beginning to their decades of fighting outlaws, Comanche, Mexican soldados and banditos, as well as Union soldiers, the Texas Rangers became one of the fiercest law enforcement groups in America. In a land as spread-out and sparsely populated as the west itself, the Rangers had unique law-enforcement responsibilities and challenges. The story of the Texas Rangers is as controversial as it is heroic. Often accused of vigilante-style racism and murder, they enforced the law with a heavy hand. But above all they were perhaps the defining force for the stabilization and the creation of Texas. From Stephen Austin in the early days through the Civil War, the first eighty years of the Texas Rangers is nothing less then phenomenal, and the efforts put forth in those days set the foundation for the Texas Rangers that keep Texas safe today. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Tracking the Texas Rangers

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ISBN: 9781574415261
Release Date: 2013-09-15
Number of pages: 320
Author: Bruce A Glasrud
Publisher: University of North Texas Press

Download and read online Tracking the Texas Rangers in PDF and EPUB Tracking the Texas Rangers: The Twentieth Century is an anthology of fifteen previously published articles and chapter excerpts covering key topics of the Texas Rangers during the twentieth century. The task of determining the role of the Rangers as the state evolved and what they actually accomplished for the benefit of the state is a difficult challenge. The actions of the Rangers fit no easy description. There is a dark side to the story of the Rangers; during the Mexican Revolution, for example, some murdered with impunity. Others sought to restore order in the border communities as well as in the remainder of Texas. It is not lack of interest that complicates the unveiling of the mythical force. With the possible exception of the Alamo, probably more has been written about the Texas Rangers than any other aspect of Texas history. Tracking the Texas Rangers covers leaders such as Captains Bill McDonald, “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas, and Barry Caver, accomplished Rangers like Joaquin Jackson and Arthur Hill, and the use of Rangers in the Mexican Revolution. Chapters discuss their role in the oil fields, in riots, and in capturing outlaws. Most important, the Rangers of the twentieth century experienced changes in investigative techniques, strategy, and intelligence gathering. Tracking looks at the use of Rangers in labor disputes, in race issues, and in the Tejano civil rights movement. The selections cover critical aspects of those experiences—organization, leadership, cultural implications, rural and urban life, and violence. In their introduction, editors Bruce A. Glasrud and Harold J. Weiss, Jr., discuss various themes and controversies surrounding the twentieth-century Rangers and their treatment by historians over the years. They also have added annotations to the essays to explain where new research has shed additional light on an event to update or correct the original article text.

Time of the Rangers

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ISBN: 1429941162
Release Date: 2009-08-18
Number of pages: 512
Author: Mike Cox
Publisher: Forge Books

Download and read online Time of the Rangers in PDF and EPUB Following up on his magnificent history of the 19th century Texas Rangers, Mike Cox now takes us from 1900 through the present. From horseback to helicopters, from the frontier cattle days through the crime-ridden boom-or-bust oil field era, from Prohibition to World War II espionage to the violent ethnic turbulence of the ‘50s and ‘60s--which sometimes led to demands that the Texas Rangers be disbanded. Cox takes readers through the modern history of the famed Texas lawmen. Cox's position as a spokesperson for the Texas department of Public Safety allowed him to comb the archives and conduct extensive personal interviews to give us this remarkable account of how a tough group of horse-borne lawmen--too prone to hand out roadside justice, critics complained--to one of the world's premier investigative agencies, respected and admired worldwide. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

California State Park Rangers

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ISBN: 0738559938
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 128
Author: Michael G. Lynch
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Download and read online California State Park Rangers in PDF and EPUB The first park ranger in the world was appointed in California in 1866. Galen Clark was chosen as "Guardian of Yosemite," at what was then Yosemite State Park, and the concept of rangers to protect and administer America's great nature parks was born. The tradition continued in 1872 with the establishment of the first national park at Yellowstone. From the earliest days, park rangers have been romanticized; they are explorers, outdoorsmen, tree lovers, animal protectors, police officers, nature guides, and park administrators. The park ranger has become an American icon, whose revered image has maintained itself to this very day.

Arizona Rangers

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ISBN: 0738548316
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 127
Author: M. David DeSoucy
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Download and read online Arizona Rangers in PDF and EPUB Established in 1901, the Arizona Rangers have protected and served the citizenry for over 107 years. Though the initial organization was short lived, lasting only until 1909, the company--with an authorized strength of just 26 men--became the scourge of outlaws within the Arizona Territory and along the Mexican border where, like today, criminal activity was prevalent. In 1957, the Arizona Rangers were reestablished, and for the 50 years since, these modern rangers have continued the tradition of service that was established by their territorial predecessors. Today's Arizona Rangers are officially recognized by state legislation as a volunteer civilian law enforcement auxiliary. In keeping with their motto, "Few But Proud Then and Now," they assist numerous law enforcement agencies and help keep the peace within their communities and state.

The Texas Rangers

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ISBN: 9781439639948
Release Date: 2011-05-02
Number of pages: 128
Author: Chuck Parsons
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Download and read online The Texas Rangers in PDF and EPUB The Texas Rangers. The words evoke exciting images of daring, courage, high adventure. The Rangers began as a handful of men protecting their homes from savage raiding parties; now in their third century of existence, they are a highly sophisticated crime-fighting organization. Yet at times even today the Texas Ranger mounts his horse to track fugitives through dense chaparral, depending on his wits more than technology. The iconic image of the Texas Ranger is of a man who is tall, unflinching, and dedicated to doing a difficult job no matter what the odds. The Rangers of the 21st century are different sizes, colors, and genders, but remain as vital and real today as when they were created in the horseback days of 1823, when what is today Texas was part of Mexico, a wild and untamed land.

Six Years with the Texas Rangers 1875 to 1881

Filename: six-years-with-the-texas-rangers-1875-to-1881.pdf
ISBN: 0803258445
Release Date: 1976
Number of pages: 259
Author: James B. Gillett
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

Download and read online Six Years with the Texas Rangers 1875 to 1881 in PDF and EPUB When James B. Gillett joined the newly created Texas Rangers in 1875, its duties were as varied and its members as unorthodox as its methods were irregular. First published in 1921, Gillett's now classic account of his six years of service depicts with freshness and authenticity how the Rangers maintained law and order on the frontier—and occasionally dispensed summary justice. From the Mason County War to the Horrell-Higgins feud, the capture of Sam Bass, and the pursuit of Victorio's rebellious Apaches, Gillett saw the kind of action that established the Rangers' enduring reputation for effectiveness.

Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement

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ISBN: 0313305609
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 480
Author: Mitchel P. Roth
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Download and read online Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement in PDF and EPUB Covers the history of law enforcement from policing under Caesar Augustus to such present-day events as Rodney King and the LAPD.