Mergent s Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks 2010

Filename: mergent-s-handbook-of-nasdaq-stocks-2010.pdf
ISBN: 1564290565
Release Date: 2009-05-01
Number of pages: 332
Author: Inc Mergent

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The Basic Business Library

Filename: the-basic-business-library.pdf
ISBN: 9781598846119
Release Date: 2011-11-30
Number of pages: 227
Author: Eric Forte
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online The Basic Business Library in PDF and EPUB This succinct, comprehensive sourcebook provides everything needed to start, maintain, and provide service for a business collection, and to research virtually any business topic.

Mergent Bank Finance Manual

Filename: mergent-bank-finance-manual.pdf
ISBN: UOM:49015002822345
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages:

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2017 Valuation Handbook

Filename: 2017-valuation-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 1119366712
Release Date: 2017-07-24
Number of pages: 344
Author: Roger J. Grabowski

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Digital Rubbish

Filename: digital-rubbish.pdf
ISBN: 9780472035373
Release Date: 2013-04-26
Number of pages: 225
Author: Jennifer Gabrys
Publisher: University of Michigan Press

Download and read online Digital Rubbish in PDF and EPUB "This is a study of the material life of information and its devices; of electronic waste in its physical and electronic incarnations; a cultural and material mapping of the spaces where electronics in the form of both hardware and information accumulate, break down, or are stowed away. Electronic waste occurs not just in the form of discarded computers but also as a scatter of information devices, software, and systems that are rendered obsolete and fail. Where other studies have addressed "digital" technology through a focus on its immateriality or virtual qualities, Gabrys traces the material, spatial, cultural, and political infrastructures that enable the emergence and dissolution of these technologies. In the course of her book, she explores five interrelated "spaces" where electronics fall apart: from Silicon Valley to Nasdaq, from containers bound for China to museums and archives that preserve obsolete electronics as cultural artifacts, to the landfill as material repository. All together, these sites stack up into a sedimentary record that forms the "natural history" of this study. Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics describes the materiality of electronics from a unique perspective, examining the multiple forms of waste that electronics create as evidence of the resources, labor, and imaginaries that are bundled into these machines. By drawing on the material analysis developed by Walter Benjamin, this natural history method allows for an inquiry into electronics that focuses neither on technological progression nor on great inventors but rather considers the ways in which electronic technologies fail and decay. Ranging across studies of media and technology, as well as environments, geography, and design, Jennifer Gabrys pulls together the far-reaching material and cultural processes that enable the making and breaking of these technologies"--Publisher's description.

The Heretic s Guide to Global Finance

Filename: the-heretic-s-guide-to-global-finance.pdf
ISBN: 0745333516
Release Date: 2013-05-14
Number of pages: 240
Author: Brett Scott
Publisher: Pluto Press

Download and read online The Heretic s Guide to Global Finance in PDF and EPUB Popular anger against bankers and financial speculators has never been greater, yet the practical workings of the system remain opaque to many people. The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance aims to bridge the gap between protest slogans and practical proposals for reform. As a stockbroker turned campaigner, Brett Scott has a unique understanding of life inside and outside the system. The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance is a practical handbook for campaigners, academics and students who wish to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of the financial sector. It shows how financial knowledge can be used to build effective social and environmental campaigns. Scott covers topics frequently overlooked, such as the cultural aspects of the financial sector, and considers major issues such as agricultural speculation, carbon markets and tar sands financing. The book shows how activists can use the internal dynamics of the sector to reform it and showcases the growing alternative finance movement.


Filename: results.pdf
ISBN: IND:30000093958597
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 306
Author: Gary L. Neilson
Publisher: Crown Pub

Download and read online Results in PDF and EPUB Drawing on a range of informative, real-life stories and real-world data, two business consultants explain how to recognize patterns of behavior within an organization the keep a company from achieving the results they want and furnishes effective, practical ideas for promoting success. 60,000 first printing.

Halting State

Filename: halting-state.pdf
ISBN: 9780748100408
Release Date: 2008-09-04
Number of pages: 352
Author: Charles Stross
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online Halting State in PDF and EPUB It was called in as a robbery at Hayek Associates, an online game company. So you can imagine Sergeant Sue Smith's mood as she watches the video footage of the heist being carried out by a band of orcs and a dragon, and realises that the robbery from an online game company is actually a robbery from an online game. Just wonderful. Like she has nothing better to do. But online entertainment is big business, and when the bodies of real people start to show up, it's clear that this is anything but a game. For Sue, computer coding expert Jack Reed, and forensic accountant Elaine Barnaby, the walls between the actual and the virtual are about to come crashing down. There is something very dangerous and very real going on at Hayek Associates, and those involved are playing for keeps. No cheats, no back doors, no extra lives - make a wrong call on this one and it's game over.

New Media

Filename: new-media.pdf
ISBN: 9780415431606
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 446
Author: Martin Lister
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Download and read online New Media in PDF and EPUB New Media: A Critical Introduction is a comprehensive introduction to the culture, history, technologies and theories of new media. Written especially for students, the book considers the ways in which 'new media' really are new, assesses the claims that a media and technological revolution has taken place and formulates new ways for media studies to respond to new technologies. The authors introduce a wide variety of topics including: how to define the characteristics of new media; social and political uses of new media and new communications; new media technologies, politics and globalization; everyday life and new media; theories of interactivity, simulation, the new media economy; cybernetics, cyberculture, the history of automata and artificial life. Substantially updated from the first edition to cover recent theoretical developments, approaches and significant technological developments, this is the best and by far the most comprehensive textbook available on this exciting and expanding subject. At you will find: additional international case studies with online references specially created You Tube videos on machines and digital photography a new 'Virtual Camera' case study, with links to short film examples useful links to related websites, resources and research sites further online reading links to specific arguments or discussion topics in the book links to key scholars in the field of new media.

Narrating the Organization

Filename: narrating-the-organization.pdf
ISBN: 0226132285
Release Date: 1997-04-15
Number of pages: 233
Author: Barbara Czarniawska
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Download and read online Narrating the Organization in PDF and EPUB The most common social phenomenon of Western societies is the organization, yet those involved in real-world managing are not always willing to reveal the intricacies of their everyday muddles. Barbara Czarniawska argues that in order to understand these uncharted territories, we need to gather local and concrete stories about organizational life and subject them to abstract and metaphorical interpretation. Using a narrative approach unique to organizational studies, Czarniawska employs literary devices to uncover the hidden workings of organizations. She applies cultural metaphors to public administration in Sweden to demonstrate, for example, how the dynamics of a screenplay can illuminate the budget disputes of an organization. She shows how the interpretive description of organizational worlds works as a distinct genre of social analysis, and her investigations ultimately disclose the paradoxical nature of organizational life: we follow routines in order to change, and decentralize in order to control. By confronting such paradoxes, we bring crisis to existing institutions and enable them to change.

Managing Innovation

Filename: managing-innovation.pdf
ISBN: 111836063X
Release Date: 2013-07-10
Number of pages: 680
Author: Joe Tidd
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Managing Innovation in PDF and EPUB Managing Innovation is an established, bestselling text for MBA, MSc and advanced undergraduate courses on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship. It is also widely used by managers in both the services and manufacturing sectors. Now in its fifth edition, Managing Innovation has been fully revised and now comes with a fully interactive e-book housing an impressive array of videos, cases, exercises and tools to bring innovation to life. The book is also accompanied by the Innovation Portal at, which contains an extensive collection of additional digital resources for both lecturers and students. Features: The Research Notes and Views from the Front Line feature boxes strengthen the evidence-based and practical approach making this a must read for anyone studying or working within innovation The Innovation Portal is an essential resource for both student and lecturer and includes the Innovation Toolkit – a fully searchable array of practical innovation tools along with a compendium of cases, exercises, tools and videos The interactive e-book that accompanies the text provides enriched content to deepen the readers understanding of innovation concepts

The Dictionary of Art

Filename: the-dictionary-of-art.pdf
ISBN: 0195170687
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 911
Author: Jane Turner

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Strategic Brand Management

Filename: strategic-brand-management.pdf
ISBN: 0273706322
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 829
Author: Kevin Lane Keller
Publisher: Pearson Education

Download and read online Strategic Brand Management in PDF and EPUB Strategic Brand Management explores why brands are important, what they represent to consumers, and what should be done by firms to manage them properly. The main focus of the book is on brand equity which provides marketers with a valuable perspective and a common denominator to interpret the potential effects and tradeoffs of various strategies and tactics for their brands. In other words, brand equity can be thought of as the marketing effects uniquely attributable to the brand.

Introduction to proof in abstract mathematics

Filename: introduction-to-proof-in-abstract-mathematics.pdf
ISBN: 003026782X
Release Date: 1990
Number of pages: 366
Author: Andrew Wohlgemuth
Publisher: Harcourt School

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Stocks for the Long Run

Filename: stocks-for-the-long-run.pdf
ISBN: 0071423524
Release Date: 2002-07-12
Number of pages: 388
Author: Jeremy J. Siegel
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online Stocks for the Long Run in PDF and EPUB "One of the ten best investing books of all time."--The Washington Post One of investing's most celebrated icons updates his classic work to reflect today's world and markets In this long-awaited and eagerly anticipated update, Jeremy iegel provides his legendary perspective and guidance to an investment world turned upside down. Stocks for the Long Run combines a compelling and timely portrait of today's turbulent stock market with the strategies, tools, and techniques investors need to maintain their focus and achieve meaningful stock returns over time. This completely updated edition includes entirely new data, charts, and figures as it provides answers on the five major issues concerning investors and professionals today: How will events related to September 11 tragedy affect long-term market returns? What behavioral roadblocks stand in the way of achieving financial success? Are "countries" still relevant for global investing? Will stock "indexing" match its past performance? Can tomorrow's stock market deliver the same returns as markets in the past? Praise for previous editions of Stocks for the Long Run: "Should command a central place on the desk of any 'amateur' investor or beginning professional."--Barron's "A simply great book."--Forbes