Lead Like a PIRATE

Filename: lead-like-a-pirate.pdf
ISBN: 1946444006
Release Date: 2017-03-15
Number of pages: 250
Author: Shelley Burgess

Download and read online Lead Like a PIRATE in PDF and EPUB In Lead Like a PIRATE Burgess and Houf map out the traits necessary to captain a school or district. You'll learn where to find the treasure already in your schools-and how to bring out the best in your team. This book will equip and encourage you to be relentless in your quest to make school amazing for your students, staff and communities.

Teach Like a Pirate

Filename: teach-like-a-pirate.pdf
ISBN: 0988217600
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 177
Author: Dave Burgess

Download and read online Teach Like a Pirate in PDF and EPUB In this book you'll learn how to: tap into your passion as a teacher - even when you're less than excited about the subject; develop creative presentations that capture your students' interest; establish rapport and a sense of camaraderie in your classroom; transform your class into a life-changing experience for your students. --from back cover.

Learn Like a Pirate

Filename: learn-like-a-pirate.pdf
ISBN: 098821766X
Release Date: 2015-03-09
Number of pages: 250
Author: Paul Solarz

Download and read online Learn Like a Pirate in PDF and EPUB "QR codes provide additional Pirate resources!"--Page 4 of cover.

P Is for Pirate

Filename: p-is-for-pirate.pdf
ISBN: 0988217643
Release Date: 2014-11-21
Number of pages: 54
Author: Dave Burgess

Download and read online P Is for Pirate in PDF and EPUB "Teaching is an adventure that stretches the imagination and calls for creativity every day! In P is for pirate, husband and wife team Dave and Shelley Burgess encourage and inspire educators to make their clasrooms fun and exciting places to learn" -- page 4 cover.

Redefining Fair

Filename: redefining-fair.pdf
ISBN: 9781935543879
Release Date: 2011-06-06
Number of pages: 216
Author: Damian Cooper
Publisher: Solution Tree Press

Download and read online Redefining Fair in PDF and EPUB Learn how to define proficiency accurately and differentiate to help all students achieve it. With a focus on mixed-ability classes, the author outlines instructional practices that engage, empower, and motivate students. Using stories, strategies, case histories, and sample documents, he explains how to implement equitable instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting practices for diverse 21st century learners.

Renegade Leadership

Filename: renegade-leadership.pdf
ISBN: 9781506334233
Release Date: 2016-08-23
Number of pages: 192
Author: Brad Gustafson
Publisher: Corwin Press

Download and read online Renegade Leadership in PDF and EPUB Get ready to be a renegade with this how-to leadership guide. We’re all looking for the next best tech tool, but why don’t we have the same progressive appetite for pedagogy that we have for technology? Renegade leadership may be the answer we need. Merging best practice with innovation, renegade leadership is student-centered, intertwining equity, culture, and technology. Using research, vignettes, and renegade profiles, this book challenges you to lead in the digital age by: Applying transformational tenets of connected pedagogy Increasing your leadership in curriculum, cultural proficiency, and school improvement Leading staff meetings, planning professional development, and improving student learning Don’t miss the free podcasts, flipped book study, and more on the Renegade Leadership website.

Kids Deserve It

Filename: kids-deserve-it.pdf
ISBN: 0996989641
Release Date: 2016-05-18
Number of pages:
Author: Todd Nesloney

Download and read online Kids Deserve It in PDF and EPUB What if learning was exciting? What if students felt important and empowered every time they walked into the building? What if parents looked forward to calls from their children's teachers and principals, instead of cringing when the school's number popped up on their phones? To Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome, those aren't far-fetched what ifs; they can (and should) be a reality for every teacher, school, parent, and student. In Kids Deserve It!, Todd and Adam encourage you to think big and make learning fun and meaningful for students. While you're at it, you just might rediscover why you became an educator in the first place. Learn why you should be calling parents to praise your students (and employees). Discover ways to promote family interaction and improve relationships for kids at school and at home. Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students. #KidsDeserveIt

Explore Like a PIRATE

Filename: explore-like-a-pirate.pdf
ISBN: 0986155500
Release Date: 2015-11-10
Number of pages: 229
Author: Michael Matera

Download and read online Explore Like a PIRATE in PDF and EPUB Are you ready to transform your classroom into an experiential work that flourishes on collaboration and creativity? Then set sail with classroom game designer and educator Michael Matera as he reveals the possibilities and power of game-based learning. In Explore Like a PIRATE, Matera serves as your experienced guide to help you apply the most motivational techniques of gameplay to your classroom using strategies that work with and enhance (rather than replace) your current curriculum. Part one debunks common myths and fears about gamification and explains why and how game-based learning effectively engages students in any subject or grade level. Part two focuses on how you can empower students to take control of their learning. You'll also learn all about the different kinds of players in your classroom - and how to inspire them to set and achieve big goals. Part three is an all-in-one treasure chest, tool box, and field guide. Packed with ideas and examples that can be applied or adapted to any classroom - from badges and points, to mini-games and yearlong adventures - this is a resource you'll return to again and again.

The Multiplier Effect

Filename: the-multiplier-effect.pdf
ISBN: 9781452271897
Release Date: 2013-03-08
Number of pages: 192
Author: Liz Wiseman
Publisher: Corwin Press

Download and read online The Multiplier Effect in PDF and EPUB When you become a Multiplier, your whole team succeeds! Why do some leaders double their team’s effectiveness, while others seem to drain the energy right out of the room? Using insights gained from more than 100 interviews with school leaders, this book pinpoints the five disciplines that define how Multipliers bring out the best across their schools. By practicing these disciplines, you’ll learn how to: Attract top teachers to your school Create an intense environment that demands people’s best thinking Drive sound decisions by constructing debate and decision-making forums Give your team a sense of ownership for responsibilities and results

Hacking Leadership

Filename: hacking-leadership.pdf
ISBN: 0998570524
Release Date: 2017-03-27
Number of pages: 160
Author: Joe Sanfelippo

Download and read online Hacking Leadership in PDF and EPUB In Hacking Leadership, award-winning school administrators Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis demonstrate how to increase learning by leaving the office and engaging directly with all teachers and learners. They identify 10 problems with school leadership and provide right-now solutions for each, while showing you how to lead from the middle.


Filename: branded.pdf
ISBN: 9781119244561
Release Date: 2017-04-24
Number of pages: 320
Author: Eric Sheninger
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online BrandED in PDF and EPUB Tell your school's story and grow your personal and school brand BrandED shows school leaders how to move beyond mascots and clever taglines to showcase their school's assets-and enhance communication with students, parents and all stakeholders. Through smart conversations about the genuine power of branding in education, this book shows how a "BrandED" mindset can improve schools by strengthening relationships, improving communication, telling your story, and increasing resources. Ideas borrowed from the world of business are adjusted for the unique needs of education. Practical tools, templates, and resources allow you to implement the strategies presented quickly and easily, while stories of real-world schools illustrate what BrandED thinking can do for your students, teachers, and community. Today's school leaders cannot remain in the ivory tower. This book will help you drive positive transformation as you craft and share the powerful story of your unique school brand. Leverage digital tools to become the storyteller-in-chief and build better community relationships Strengthen internal and external communications among students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders Increase resources by establishing strategic partnerships and strengthening ties to key stakeholders Promote connectivity, transparency, and community to build a positive culture that extends beyond the schoolhouse door Authors Eric Sheninger and Trish Rubin, experts on school branding and change leadership, show you how BrandED thinking captures the focused spirit of the outstanding work taking place in schools every day; work that can be easily recognized, talked about, and valued. Get the word out, and invite the community in to build the positive relationships that benefit everyone.

Start Right Now

Filename: start-right-now.pdf
ISBN: 0996989684
Release Date: 2016-12-31
Number of pages:
Author: Todd Whittaker

Download and read online Start Right Now in PDF and EPUB In their work leading up to Start. Right. Now. Whitaker, Zoul, and Casas studied educators across the nation and discovered four behaviors of excellence: Excellent leaders and teachers Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way, and Grow Each Day. If you are ready to take the first step toward excellence, this book will put you on the right path.

School Culture Rewired

Filename: school-culture-rewired.pdf
ISBN: 9781416619901
Release Date: 2015-01-16
Number of pages: 170
Author: Steve Gruenert
Publisher: ASCD

Download and read online School Culture Rewired in PDF and EPUB Your school is a lot more than a center of student learning--it also represents a self-contained culture, with traditions and expectations that reflect its unique mission and demographics. In this groundbreaking book, education experts Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker offer tools, strategies, and advice for defining, assessing, and ultimately transforming your school's culture into one that is positive, forward-looking, and actively working to enrich students’ lives. Drawing from decades of research on organizational cultures and school leadership, the authors provide everything you need to optimize both the culture and climate of your school, including * "Culture-busting" strategies to help teachers adopt positive attitudes, outlooks, and behaviors; * A framework for pinpointing the type of culture you have, the type that you want, and the actions you need to take to bridge the two; * Tips for hiring, training, and retaining teachers who will actively work to improve your school's culture; and * Instructions on how to create and implement a successful School Culture Rewiring Team. Though often invisible to the naked eye, a school's culture influences everything that takes place under its roof. Whether your school is urban or rural, prosperous or struggling, School Culture Rewired is the ultimate guide to making sure that the culture in your school is guided first and foremost by what's best for your students.

Leading Through Quality Questioning

Filename: leading-through-quality-questioning.pdf
ISBN: 9781412960618
Release Date: 2010-01-20
Number of pages: 125
Author: Jackie Acree Walsh
Publisher: Corwin Press

Download and read online Leading Through Quality Questioning in PDF and EPUB Discover how questions, not answers, help drive school improvement by applying the principles of quality questioning to four critical leadership functions: maximizing, mobilizing, mediating, and monitoring.

The Innovator s Mindset

Filename: the-innovator-s-mindset.pdf
ISBN: 0986155497
Release Date: 2015-10-13
Number of pages: 252
Author: George Couros

Download and read online The Innovator s Mindset in PDF and EPUB The traditional system of education requires students to hold their questions and compliantly stick to the scheduled curriculum. But our job as educators is to provide new and better opportunities for our students. It's time to recognize that compliance doesn't foster innovation, encourage critical thinking, or inspire creativity--and those are the skills our students need to succeed.