Inventing the Medium

Filename: inventing-the-medium.pdf
ISBN: 9780262302807
Release Date: 2011-11-23
Number of pages: 504
Author: Janet H. Murray
Publisher: MIT Press

Download and read online Inventing the Medium in PDF and EPUB Digital artifacts from iPads to databases pervade our lives, and the design decisions that shape them affect how we think, act, communicate, and understand the world. But the pace of change has been so rapid that technical innovation is outstripping design. Interactors are often mystified and frustrated by their enticing but confusing new devices; meanwhile, product design teams struggle to articulate shared and enduring design goals. With Inventing the Medium, Janet Murray provides a unified vocabulary and a common methodology for the design of digital objects and environments. It will be an essential guide for both students and practitioners in this evolving field.Murray explains that innovative interaction designers should think of all objects made with bits -- whether games or Web pages, robots or the latest killer apps -- as belonging to a single new medium: the digital medium. Designers can speed the process of useful and lasting innovation by focusing on the collective cultural task of inventing this new medium. Exploring strategies for maximizing the expressive power of digital artifacts, Murray identifies and examines four representational affordances of digital environments that provide the core palette for designers across applications: computational procedures, user participation, navigable space, and encyclopedic capacity. Each chapter includes a set of Design Explorations -- creative exercises for students and thought experiments for practitioners -- that allow readers to apply the ideas in the chapter to particular design problems. Inventing the Medium also provides more than 200 illustrations of specific design strategies drawn from multiple genres and platforms and a glossary of design concepts.

The NewMediaReader

Filename: the-newmediareader.pdf
ISBN: 0262232278
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 823
Author: Noah Wardrip-Fruin
Publisher: MIT Press

Download and read online The NewMediaReader in PDF and EPUB A sourcebook of historical written texts, video documentation, and working programs that form the foundation of new media.

Alexander von Humboldt und die Erfindung der Natur

Filename: alexander-von-humboldt-und-die-erfindung-der-natur.pdf
ISBN: 9783641195502
Release Date: 2016-10-11
Number of pages: 560
Author: Andrea Wulf
Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

Download and read online Alexander von Humboldt und die Erfindung der Natur in PDF and EPUB Was hat Alexander von Humboldt, der vor mehr als 150 Jahren starb, mit Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit zu tun? Der Naturforscher und Universalgelehrte, nach dem nicht nur unzählige Straßen, Pflanzen und sogar ein »Mare« auf dem Mond benannt sind, hat wie kein anderer Wissenschaftler unser Verständnis von Natur als lebendigem Ganzen, als Kosmos, in dem vom Winzigsten bis zum Größten alles miteinander verbunden ist und dessen untrennbarer Teil wir sind, geprägt. Die Historikerin Andrea Wulf stellt in ihrem vielfach preisgekrönten – so auch mit dem Bayerischen Buchpreis 2016 – Buch Humboldts Erfindung der Natur, die er radikal neu dachte, ins Zentrum ihrer Erkundungsreise durch sein Leben und Werk. Sie folgt den Spuren des begnadeten Netzwerkers und zeigt, dass unser heutiges Wissen um die Verwundbarkeit der Erde in Humboldts Überzeugungen verwurzelt ist. Ihm heute wieder zu begegnen, mahnt uns, seine Erkenntnisse endlich zum Maßstab unseres Handelns zu machen – um unser aller Überleben willen.

Hamlet on the Holodeck

Filename: hamlet-on-the-holodeck.pdf
ISBN: 9780262533485
Release Date: 2017-04-07
Number of pages: 440
Author: Janet H. Murray
Publisher: MIT Press

Download and read online Hamlet on the Holodeck in PDF and EPUB An updated edition of the classic book on digital storytelling, with a new introduction and expansive chapter commentaries.

Worlds in Play

Filename: worlds-in-play.pdf
ISBN: 0820486434
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 349
Author: Suzanne De Castell
Publisher: Peter Lang

Download and read online Worlds in Play in PDF and EPUB "Worlds in Play," a map of the -state of play- in digital games research today, illustrates the great variety and extreme contrasts in the landscape cleft by contemporary digital games research. The chapters in this volume are the work of an international review board of seventy game-study specialists from fields spanning social sciences, arts, and humanities to the physical and applied sciences and technologies. A wellspring of inspiring concepts, models, protocols, data, methods, tools, critical perspectives, and directions for future work, "Worlds in Play" will support and assist in reading not only within, but across fields of play - disciplinary, temporal, and geographical - and encourage all of us to widen our focus to encompass the omni-dimensional phenomenon of -worlds in play.-"

Elon Musk

Filename: elon-musk.pdf
ISBN: 9783862487233
Release Date: 2015-05-20
Number of pages: 384
Author: Ashlee Vance
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

Download and read online Elon Musk in PDF and EPUB Elon Musk ist der da Vinci des 21. Jahrhunderts. Seine Firmengründungen lesen sich wie das Who's who der zukunftsträchtigsten Unternehmen der Welt. Alles, was dieser Mann anfasst, scheint zu Gold zu werden. Mit PayPal revolutionierte er das Zahlen im Internet, mit Tesla schreckte er die Autoindustrie auf und sein Raumfahrtunternehmen SpaceX ist aktuell das weltweit einzige Unternehmen, das ein Raumschiff mit großer Nutzlast wieder auf die Erde zurückbringen kann. Dies ist die persönliche Geschichte hinter einem der größten Unternehmer seit Thomas Edison, Henry Ford oder Howard Hughes. Das Buch erzählt seinen kometenhaften Aufstieg von seiner Flucht aus Südafrika mit 17 Jahren bis heute. Elon Musk gilt als der »Real Iron Man" – in Anlehnung an einen der erfolgreichsten Comichelden der Welt. Es ist die gleichsam inspirierende, persönliche und spannende Geschichte eines der erfolgreichsten Querdenker der Welt. In einem Umfang wie noch kein Journalist zuvor hatte Ashlee Vance für diese Biografie exklusiven und direkten Zugang zu Elon Musk, seinem familiären Umfeld und persönlichen Freunden. Mit 16 Seiten exklusiven und persönlichen Bildern aus Elon Musks persönlichem Fotoalbum.

Inventing the Future

Filename: inventing-the-future.pdf
ISBN: 9789280513424
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 48
Publisher: WIPO

Download and read online Inventing the Future in PDF and EPUB This guide focuses on patents, a key tool to enhance a company's ability to draw maximum benefit from new and innovative ideas and technological capabilities.

The Boy who Invented Television

Filename: the-boy-who-invented-television.pdf
ISBN: 1928791301
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 283
Author: Paul Schatzkin
Publisher: Teamcom Books

Download and read online The Boy who Invented Television in PDF and EPUB While the great minds of science, financed by the biggest companies in the world, wrestled with 19th century answers to a 20th century problem, Philo T. Farnsworth, age 14, dreamed of trapping light in an empty jar and transmitting it, one line at a time, on a magnetically deflected beam of electrons. Farnsworth was a farm boy from Rigby, Idaho, with virtually no knowledge of electronics when he first sketched his idea for electronic television on a blackboard for his high school science teacher. Fifteen years later, his teacher would recreate that sketch as part of his testimony in patent litigation between Farnsworth and the giant Radio Corporation of America. In 1930, Farnsworth was awarded the fundamental patents for modern television; but he had to spend the next decade fighting off challenges to his patents by the giant Radio Corporation of America and defending his vision against his own shortsighted investors who did not share his larger dream of scientific independence. The Boy Who Invented Television traces Farnsworth's guided tour of discovery, describing the observations he made in the course of developing and improving his initial invention and revealing how his unique insights brought him to the threshold of what could have been an even greater discovery -- clean, safe, and unlimited energy from controlled nuclear fusion. - Publisher.

Digital Babylon

Filename: digital-babylon.pdf
ISBN: 1559704837
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 275
Author: John Geirland
Publisher: Arcade Publishing

Download and read online Digital Babylon in PDF and EPUB Explores the digital entertainment industry's collaboration between technogeeks, media moguls, and business interests

Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit

Filename: die-entdeckung-der-langsamkeit.pdf
ISBN: 9783492957939
Release Date: 2012-07-17
Number of pages: 384
Author: Sten Nadolny
Publisher: Piper Verlag

Download and read online Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit in PDF and EPUB Seit seiner Kindheit träumt John Franklin davon, zur See zu fahren, obwohl er dafür denkbar ungeeignet ist, denn in allem, was er tut, ist er extrem langsam. Doch was er einmal erfaßt hat, vergißt er nicht mehr. Er geht zur Marine und erlebt den Krieg. Insgeheim aber träumt er von friedlichen Fahrten auf See und von der Entdeckung der legendären Nordwestpassage. Als Kommandant eines Schiffes begibt er sich auf die Suche ... Sten Nadolnys vielfach preisgekrönter Bestseller ist auf den ersten Blick zugleich ein Seefahrerroman, ein Roman über das Abenteuer und die Sehnsucht danach und ein Entwicklungsroman. Doch hat Sten Nadolny die Biografie des englischen Seefahrers und Nordpolforschers John Franklin (1786–1847) zu einer subtilen Studie über die Zeit umgeschrieben.

Inventing Ireland

Filename: inventing-ireland.pdf
ISBN: 9781409044970
Release Date: 2009-05-04
Number of pages: 736
Author: Declan Kiberd
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Inventing Ireland in PDF and EPUB Kiberd - one of Ireland's leading critics and a central figure in the FIELD DAY group with Brian Friel, Seamus Deane and the actor Stephen Rea - argues that the Irish Literary Revival of the 1890-1922 period embodied a spirit and a revolutionary, generous vision of Irishness that is still relevant to post-colonial Ireland. This is the perspective from which he views Irish culture. His history of Irish writing covers Yeats, Lady Gregory, Synge, O'Casey, Joyce, Beckett, Flann O'Brien, Elizabeth Bowen, Heaney, Friel and younger writers down to Roddy Doyle.

Inventing online journalism

Filename: inventing-online-journalism.pdf
ISBN: 8469017047
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 562
Author: David Domingo Santamaría

Download and read online Inventing online journalism in PDF and EPUB


Filename: postkapitalismus.pdf
ISBN: 3518425390
Release Date: 2016-04-11
Number of pages: 430
Author: Paul Mason

Download and read online Postkapitalismus in PDF and EPUB

Inventing the Internet

Filename: inventing-the-internet.pdf
ISBN: 0262511150
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 264
Author: Janet Abbate
Publisher: MIT Press

Download and read online Inventing the Internet in PDF and EPUB Since the late 1960s the Internet has grown from a single experimental networkserving a dozen sites in the United States to a network of networks linking millions of computersworldwide. In Inventing the Internet, Janet Abbate recounts the key players and technologies thatallowed the Internet to develop; but her main focus is always on the social and cultural factorsthat influenced the Internets design and use. The story she unfolds is an often twisting tale ofcollaboration and conflict among a remarkable variety of players, including government and militaryagencies, computer scientists in academia and industry, graduate students, telecommunicationscompanies, standards organizations, and network users.The story starts with the early networkingbreakthroughs formulated in Cold War think tanks and realized in the Defense Department's creationof the ARPANET. It ends with the emergence of the Internet and its rapid and seemingly chaoticgrowth. Abbate looks at how academic and military influences and attitudes shaped both networks; howthe usual lines between producer and user of a technology were crossed with interesting and uniqueresults; and how later users invented their own very successful applications, such as electronicmail and the World Wide Web. She concludes that such applications continue the trend ofdecentralized, user-driven development that has characterized the Internet's entire history and thatthe key to the Internet's success has been a commitment to flexibility and diversity, both intechnical design and in organizational culture.