Filename: hyperspace.pdf
ISBN: 9780192861894
Release Date: 1995
Number of pages: 359
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Download and read online Hyperspace in PDF and EPUB The author, one of the pioneers of string theory, has produced an accessible guide for the general reader to some of the most formidable modern concepts of mathematics and physics. These include string theory itself, hyperspace, non-Euclidean geometry, Kaluza-Klein theory and supergravity.


Filename: hyperspace.pdf
ISBN: 0199857768
Release Date: 1994-03-24
Number of pages: 384
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Hyperspace in PDF and EPUB Are there other dimensions beyond our own? Is time travel possible? Can we change the past? Are there gateways to parallel universes? All of us have pondered such questions, but there was a time when scientists dismissed these notions as outlandish speculations. Not any more. Today, they are the focus of the most intense scientific activity in recent memory. In Hyperspace, Michio Kaku, author of the widely acclaimed Beyond Einstein and a leading theoretical physicist, offers the first book-length tour of the most exciting (and perhaps most bizarre) work in modern physics, work which includes research on the tenth dimension, time warps, black holes, and multiple universes. The theory of hyperspace (or higher dimensional space)--and its newest wrinkle, superstring theory--stand at the center of this revolution, with adherents in every major research laboratory in the world, including several Nobel laureates. Beginning where Hawking's Brief History of Time left off, Kaku paints a vivid portrayal of the breakthroughs now rocking the physics establishment. Why all the excitement? As the author points out, for over half a century, scientists have puzzled over why the basic forces of the cosmos--gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces--require markedly different mathematical descriptions. But if we see these forces as vibrations in a higher dimensional space, their field equations suddenly fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, perfectly snug, in an elegant, astonishingly simple form. This may thus be our leading candidate for the Theory of Everything. If so, it would be the crowning achievement of 2,000 years of scientific investigation into matter and its forces. Already, the theory has inspired several thousand research papers, and has been the focus of over 200 international conferences. Michio Kaku is one of the leading pioneers in superstring theory and has been at the forefront of this revolution in modern physics. With Hyperspace, he has produced a book for general readers which conveys the vitality of the field and the excitement as scientists grapple with the meaning of space and time. It is an exhilarating look at physics today and an eye-opening glimpse into the ultimate nature of the universe.


Filename: hyperspace.pdf
ISBN: 0195085140
Release Date: 1994-03-24
Number of pages: 359
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Hyperspace in PDF and EPUB A noted theoretical physicist offers an understandable and timely explanation of the cutting edge of modern physics, offering insights into research on the tenth dimension, time warps, black holes, and multiple universes, providing glimpses into the universe's ultimate nature.

Parallel Worlds

Filename: parallel-worlds.pdf
ISBN: 9781400033720
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 428
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Anchor

Download and read online Parallel Worlds in PDF and EPUB Sheds new light on discoveries that have revolutionized the field of cosmology and transformed understanding of the universe, offering an explanation of the multiverse M-theory and its implications in terms of the fate of our own universe.

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Filename: imagining-the-tenth-dimension.pdf
ISBN: 9780978039707
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 214
Author: Rob Bryanton
Publisher: Talking Dog Studios

Download and read online Imagining the Tenth Dimension in PDF and EPUB "A fascinating excursion into the multiverse - clear, elegant, personal, provocative." - (Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Greg Bear.) Read the book whose companion website (tenthdimension.com) has already achieved worldwide popularity.

Beyond Einstein

Filename: beyond-einstein.pdf
ISBN: 0192861964
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 230
Author: Michio Kaku

Download and read online Beyond Einstein in PDF and EPUB What is superstring theory and why is it important? Can superstrings offer the fulfilment of Einstein's lifelong dream of a Theory of Everything? Co-authored by Michio Kaku, one of the leading pioneers of superstrings, this is a thrilling account of the discoveries that have led scientists to the brightest new prospect in theoretical physics today. With all the excitement of a detective story, this book contains the newest ground-breaking research in physics, and offers a fascinating lookat the scientific research that may make the impossible possible.


Filename: visions.pdf
ISBN: 0192880187
Release Date: 1999-03-04
Number of pages: 403
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

Download and read online Visions in PDF and EPUB This volume collects the research of today's scientists to explore the possibilities of the science of tomorrow. Among the issues covered are how decoding DNA will allow us to alter and reshape our genetic heritage, and how quantum physicists will harness the energy of the Universe.

The Cosmic Landscape

Filename: the-cosmic-landscape.pdf
ISBN: 9780316055581
Release Date: 2008-12-14
Number of pages: 416
Author: Leonard Susskind
Publisher: Back Bay Books

Download and read online The Cosmic Landscape in PDF and EPUB In his first book ever, the father of string theory reinvents the world's concept of the known universe and man's unique place within it. Line drawings.

Physics of the Impossible

Filename: physics-of-the-impossible.pdf
ISBN: 9780141919348
Release Date: 2008-04-03
Number of pages: 352
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online Physics of the Impossible in PDF and EPUB Physics of the Impossible takes us on a journey to the frontiers of science and beyond, giving us an exhilarating insight into what we can really hope to achieve in the future. Everyday we see that what was once declared 'impossible' by scientists has become part of our everyday lives: fax machines, glass sky-scrapers, gas-powered automobiles and a worldwide communications network. Here internationally bestselling author Micho Kaku confidently hurdles today's frontier of science, revealing the actual possibilities of perpetual motion, force fields, invisibility, ray guns, anti-gravity and anti-matter, teleportation, telepathy, psychokinesis, robots and cyborgs, time travel, zero-point energy, even extraterrestrial life. And he shows how few of these ideas actually violate the laws of physics. Where does the realm of science fiction end? What can we really hope to achieve? 'Anything that is not impossible, is mandatory!' declares Kaku in this lucid, entertaining and enlightening read.

The Future of the Mind

Filename: the-future-of-the-mind.pdf
ISBN: 9780141975887
Release Date: 2014-02-25
Number of pages: 256
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online The Future of the Mind in PDF and EPUB Recording memories, mind reading, videotaping our dreams, mind control, avatars, and telekinesis - no longer are these feats of the mind solely the province of overheated science fiction. As Michio Kaku reveals, not only are they possible, but with the latest advances in brain science and recent astonishing breakthroughs in technology, they already exist. In The Future of the Mind, the New York Times-bestselling author takes us on a stunning, provocative and exhilarating tour of the top laboratories around the world to meet the scientists who are already revolutionising the way we think about the brain - and ourselves.

Physics of the Future

Filename: physics-of-the-future.pdf
ISBN: 9780141931395
Release Date: 2011-05-05
Number of pages: 416
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online Physics of the Future in PDF and EPUB The international bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible gives us a stunning and provocative vision of the future Based on interviews with over three hundred of the world's top scientists, who are already inventing the future in their labs, Kaku-in a lucid and engaging fashion-presents the revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, quantum physics, and space travel that will forever change our way of life and alter the course of civilization itself. His astonishing revelations include: The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recognize people's faces, display their biographies, and even translate their words into subtitles. You will control computers and appliances via tiny sensors that pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of objects. Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically. Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the "up" button. Like Physics of the Impossible and Visions before it, Physics of the Future is an exhilarating, wondrous ride through the next one hundred years of breathtaking scientific revolution. Internationally acclaimed physicist Dr Michio Kaku holds the Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York. He is also an international bestselling author, his books including Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds, and a distinguished writer, having featured in Time, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times and the New Scientist to name but a few. Dr Kaku also hosts his own radio show, 'Science Fantastic', and recently presented the BBC's popular series 'Time'.

Strings Conformal Fields and Topology

Filename: strings-conformal-fields-and-topology.pdf
ISBN: 9781468403978
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Number of pages: 535
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Strings Conformal Fields and Topology in PDF and EPUB Following on the foundations laid in his earlier book "Introduction to Superstrings", Professor Kaku discusses such topics as the classification of conformal string theories, the non-polynomial closed string field theory, matrix models, and topological field theory. The presentation of the material is self-contained, and several chapters review material expounded in the earlier book. This book provides students with an understanding of the main areas of current progress in string theory, placing the reader at the forefront of current research.

Everything Forever

Filename: everything-forever.pdf
ISBN: 0979186110
Release Date: 2007-11-01
Number of pages: 324
Author: Gevin Giorbran
Publisher: Enchanted Puzzle Pub

Download and read online Everything Forever in PDF and EPUB Giorbran extends the work of David Bohm and Stephen Hawking by laying out the foundation of the timeless realm, literally creating a visual model of the space of all possible states. The model is then transformed into what are essentially the blueprints of the famous many worlds theory.

Quantum Field Theory

Filename: quantum-field-theory.pdf
ISBN: 0195076524
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 785
Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

Download and read online Quantum Field Theory in PDF and EPUB Provides a comprehensive discussion of the gauge revolution and the theoretical and experimental evidence which makes the Standard Model the leading theory of subatomic phenomena.

Black Holes and Time Warps

Filename: black-holes-and-time-warps.pdf
ISBN: 0393312763
Release Date: 1994
Number of pages: 619
Author: Kip S. Thorne
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Download and read online Black Holes and Time Warps in PDF and EPUB Examines such phenomena as black holes, wormholes, singularities, gravitational waves, and time machines, exploring the fundamental principles that control the universe.