Filename: genki.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:873945448
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages:
Author: Eri Banno

Download and read online Genki in PDF and EPUB

Genki 2

Filename: genki-2.pdf
ISBN: 4789010015
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 136

Download and read online Genki 2 in PDF and EPUB

Filename: .pdf
ISBN: 4789014452
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages:
Author: Eri Banno

Download and read online in PDF and EPUB A pictorial teaching resource based on the content of Textbooks I and II of the series Genki: an integrated course in elementary Japanese.

Patterns for College Writing

Filename: patterns-for-college-writing.pdf
ISBN: 9781457699436
Release Date: 2014-11-11
Number of pages: 848
Author: Laurie G. Kirszner
Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education

Download and read online Patterns for College Writing in PDF and EPUB Laurie Kirszner and Stephen Mandell, authors with thirty years of experience teaching college writing, know what works in the classroom and have a knack for picking just the right readings. In Patterns for College Writing, they provide students with exemplary rhetorical models and instructors with class-tested selections that balance classic and contemporary essays. Along with more examples of student writing than any other reader, Patterns has the most comprehensive coverage of active reading, research, and the writing process, with a five-chapter mini-rhetoric; the clearest explanations of the patterns of development; the most thorough apparatus of any rhetorical reader; and the most comprehensive coverage of argumentative writing—all reasons why Patterns for College Writing is the best-selling reader in the country. And the new edition includes exciting new readings, images, and debate and casebook topics. Patterns is now available as a Bedford e-Book to Go and in a variety of formats that can be downloaded to a computer, tablet, or e-reader. And now with the new edition, you can meet students where they are: online. Our newest set of online materials, LaunchPad Solo, provides all the key tools and course-specific content that you need to teach your class. Get all our great course-specific materials in one fully customizable space online; then assign and mix our resources with yours. To package LaunchPad Solo free with Patterns for College Writing, use ISBN 978-1-319-01312-7.

Filename: .pdf
ISBN: 4789014436
Release Date: 2011-09
Number of pages: 385
Author: Eri Banno
Publisher: Japan Times/Tsai Fong Books

Download and read online in PDF and EPUB Second edition of the most highly regarded teaching text book on the Japanese language, covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing to cultivate overall language ability. Each lesson in the revised edition features a new section dubbed Culture Notes," and now includes the audio CD companion which is in mp3 format ready to install on any music player. In Japanese/English. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

Japanese Hiragana Katakana for Beginners

Filename: japanese-hiragana-katakana-for-beginners.pdf
ISBN: 9781462901012
Release Date: 2013-11-21
Number of pages: 192
Author: Timothy G. Stout
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Download and read online Japanese Hiragana Katakana for Beginners in PDF and EPUB The method that's helped thousands in the U.S. and Japan learn Japanese successfully. Japanese has two basic writing systems, hiragana and katakana, in addition to the one that uses Chinese characters or Kanji. This handy book teaches you a new mnemonics–based method to read and write the basic 92 hiragana and katakana characters. Memorable picture mnemonics help you to learn the characters by associating their shapes and sounds with combinations of images and English words already familiar to you. Clear examples and entertaining exercises offer opportunities to read, write, use and practice all 46 basic hiragana and 46 basic katakana characters, plus the remaining kana that stand for more complex sounds. Polish your knowledge with word searches, crossword puzzles, fill–in–the–blanks, timed recognition quizzes, and other interesting activities. The Downloadable Content allows you to print out your own flash cards (featuring the same mnemonic images taught in the book) to help you review and practice, even while you're on the go.

Japanese for Busy People

Filename: japanese-for-busy-people.pdf
ISBN: 1568363842
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 269
Author: AJALT
Publisher: Kodansha USA Incorporated

Download and read online Japanese for Busy People in PDF and EPUB Includes a unit structure whereby thematically linked lessons are grouped together to make learning Japanese easier and expanded exercises that go beyond substitution drills and get students speaking Japanese right away. There are also over 340 illustrations to make the learning process more fun and memorable.

Remembering the Kanji

Filename: remembering-the-kanji.pdf
ISBN: 4889960759
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 516
Author: James W. Heisig
Publisher: Japan Publication Trading Company

Download and read online Remembering the Kanji in PDF and EPUB Part one of a complete course on how not to forget the meaning and writing of Japanese characters. These self-teaching methods help you remember and write by harnessing the power of the imagination.

Shoky Nihongo genki

Filename: shoky-nihongo-genki.pdf
ISBN: 4789010015
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages:

Download and read online Shoky Nihongo genki in PDF and EPUB

Japanese the Manga Way

Filename: japanese-the-manga-way.pdf
ISBN: 1880656906
Release Date: 2004-11-01
Number of pages: 312
Author: Wayne P. Lammers
Publisher: Stone Bridge Press, Inc.

Download and read online Japanese the Manga Way in PDF and EPUB A "real manga, real Japanese" study guide and resource for language students and teachers

Japanese from Zero 1

Filename: japanese-from-zero-1.pdf
ISBN: 0976998122
Release Date: 2006-05-01
Number of pages: 338
Author: George Trombley
Publisher: Yesjapan Corporation

Download and read online Japanese from Zero 1 in PDF and EPUB "The Japanese language uses a set of symbols called 'hiragana' (to spell Japanese words), 'katakana' (to spell foreign words), and 'kanji' (to represent entire words or names). Over the course of BOOK 1, we will teach you groups of hiragana piece-by-piece to gradually build up your understanding and familiarity."--Introduction.

Latin for the New Millennium

Filename: latin-for-the-new-millennium.pdf
ISBN: 0865166897
Release Date: 2009-06-25
Number of pages:
Author: Milena Minkova
Publisher: Bolchazy Carducci Pub

Download and read online Latin for the New Millennium in PDF and EPUB


Filename: ii.pdf
ISBN: 4789012530
Release Date: 2006-12
Number of pages: 90
Author: 坂野永理

Download and read online II in PDF and EPUB テキストで学習する単語をCD-ROMに収録.