Gender Sexuality and Material Objects in English Renaissance Verse

Filename: gender-sexuality-and-material-objects-in-english-renaissance-verse.pdf
ISBN: 9781351934428
Release Date: 2016-12-05
Number of pages: 238
Author: Pamela S. Hammons
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Gender Sexuality and Material Objects in English Renaissance Verse in PDF and EPUB An important contribution to recent critical discussions about gender, sexuality, and material culture in Renaissance England, this study analyzes female- and male-authored lyrics to illuminate how gender and sexuality inflected sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poets' conceptualization of relations among people and things, human and non-human subjects and objects. Pamela S. Hammons examines lyrics from both manuscript and print collections”including the verse of authors ranging from Robert Herrick, John Donne, and Ben Jonson to Margaret Cavendish, Lucy Hutchinson, and Aemilia Lanyer”and situates them in relation to legal theories, autobiographies, biographies, plays, and epics. Her approach fills a crucial gap in the conversation, which has focused upon drama and male-authored works, by foregrounding the significance of the lyric and women's writing. Hammons exposes the poetic strategies sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English women used to assert themselves as subjects of property and economic agents”in relation to material items ranging from personal property to real estate”despite the dominant patriarchal ideology insisting they were ideally temporary, passive vehicles for men's wealth. The study details how women imagined their multiple, complex interactions with the material world:the author shows that how a woman poet represents herself in relation to material objects is a flexible fiction she can mobilize for diverse purposes. Because this book analyzes men's and women's poems together, it isolates important gendered differences in how the poets envision human subjects' use, control, possession, and ownership of things and the influences, effects, and power of things over humans. It also adds to the increasing evidence for the pervasiveness of patriarchal anxieties associated with female economic agency in a culture in which women were often treated as objects.


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Release Date: 2011
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New Books on Women Gender and Feminism

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ISBN: UCR:31210024308676
Release Date: 2012
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Beard Fetish in Early Modern England

Filename: beard-fetish-in-early-modern-england.pdf
ISBN: 9781317175933
Release Date: 2016-04-15
Number of pages: 312
Author: Mark Albert Johnston
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Beard Fetish in Early Modern England in PDF and EPUB Focusing on representations of beards in English Renaissance culture, this study elucidates how fetish objects validate ideological systems of power by materializing complex value in multiple registers. Providing detailed discussions of not only bearded men but also beardless boys, bearded women, and half-bearded hermaphrodites, author Mark Albert Johnston argues that attending closely to early modern English culture's treatment of the beard as a fetish object ultimately exposes the contingency of categories like sex, gender, age, race, and sexuality. Johnston mines a diverse cross-section of contemporary discourses -- adult and children’s drama, narrative verse and prose, popular ballads, epigrams and proverbs, historical accounts, pamphlet literature, diaries, letters, wills, court records and legal documents, medical and surgical manuals, lectures, sermons, almanacs, and calendars -- in order to provide proof for his cultural claims. Johnston’s evidence invokes some of the period’s most famous voices -- William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, John Lyly, Phillip Stubbes, John Marston, George Chapman, Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton, and Samuel Pepys, for example -- but Johnston also introduces us to an array of lesser-known Renaissance authors and playwrights whose works support the notion that the beard was a palimpsestic site of contested meaning at which complex and contradictory values clash and converge. Johnston’s reading of Marxist, Freudian, and anthropological theories of the fetish phenomenon acknowledges their divergent emphases -- erotic, economic, racial and religious -- while suggesting that the imbrication of diverse registers that fetish accomplishes facilitates its cultural and psychic naturalizing function.

Tottel s Songes and Sonettes in Context

Filename: tottel-s-songes-and-sonettes-in-context.pdf
ISBN: 9781409464679
Release Date: 2013-05-28
Number of pages: 228
Author: Dr Stephen Hamrick
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

Download and read online Tottel s Songes and Sonettes in Context in PDF and EPUB Though printer Richard Tottel’s Songes and Sonettes (1557) remains the most influential poetic collection printed in the sixteenth century, the compiliation has long been ignored or misundertood by scholars of early modern English culture. Embracing a broad range of critical and historical perspectives, the eight essays within this volume offer the first sustained analysis of the many ways that consumers read and understood Songes and Sonettes as an anthology over the course of the early modern period. Copied by a monarch, set to music, sung, carried overseas, studied, appropriated, rejected, edited by consumers, transferred to manuscript, and gifted by Shakespeare, this muti-author verse anthology of 280 poems transformed sixteenth-century English language and culture. With at least eleven printings before the end of Elizabeth I’s reign, Tottel’s ground-breaking text greatly influenced the poetic publications that followed, including individual and multi-author miscellanies. Contributors to this essay collection explore how, in addition to offering a radically new kind of English verse, ‘Tottel’s Miscellany’ engaged politics, friendship, religion, sexuality, gender, morality and commerce in complex-and at times, contradictory-ways.

Book M

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ISBN: 0772721505
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 216
Author: Katherine Austen

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The Elizabethan courtier poets

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ISBN: UOM:39015019398620
Release Date: 1991
Number of pages: 407
Author: Steven W. May
Publisher: Univ of Missouri Pr

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Ovid and the Renaissance Body

Filename: ovid-and-the-renaissance-body.pdf
ISBN: 0802035159
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 281
Author: Goran V. Stanivukovic
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Download and read online Ovid and the Renaissance Body in PDF and EPUB This collection of original essays uses contemporary theory to examine Renaissance writers? reworking of Ovid's texts in order to analyze the strategies in the construction of the early modern discourses of gender, sexuality, and writing.

The Duchess of Malfi

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ISBN: 9786050430554
Release Date: 2016-05-04
Number of pages:
Author: John Webster
Publisher: John Webster

Download and read online The Duchess of Malfi in PDF and EPUB Of John Webster's life almost nothing is known. The dates 1580-1625 given for his birth and death are conjectural inferences, about which the best that can be said is that no known facts contradict them. The first notice of Webster so far discovered shows that he was collaborating in the production of plays for the theatrical manager, Henslowe, in 1602, and of such collaboration he seems to have done a considerable amount. Four plays exist which he wrote alone, "The White Devil," "The Duchess of Malfi," "The Devil's Law-Case," and "Appius and Virginia." "The Duchess of Malfi" was published in 1623, but the date of writing may have been as early as 1611. It is based on a story in Painter's "Palace of Pleasure," translated from the Italian novelist, Bandello; and it is entirely possible that it has a foundation in fact. In any case, it portrays with a terrible vividness one side of the court life of the Italian Renaissance; and its picture of the fierce quest of pleasure, the recklessness of crime, and the worldliness of the great princes of the Church finds only too ready corroboration in the annals of the time.

Staged Properties in Early Modern English Drama

Filename: staged-properties-in-early-modern-english-drama.pdf
ISBN: 0521032091
Release Date: 2006-11-23
Number of pages: 360
Author: Jonathan Gil Harris
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Staged Properties in Early Modern English Drama in PDF and EPUB This collection of essays studies the material, economic and dramatic roles played by stage properties in early modern English drama. Often, the received wisdom about the commercial stage in Shakespeare's time is that it was a bare one, uncluttered by objects. Staged Properties offers a critique of this view. The volume offers valuable evidence and insight into the modes of production, circulation and exchange that brought such properties as sacred garments, household furnishings, pawned objects and even false beards on to the stage. Departing from previous scholarship which has mainly focused solely on the symbolic or iconographic aspects of props, these essays explore their material dimensions, and in particular, their status as a special form of property. The volume reflects upon what the material history of stage props may tell us about the changing demographics, modes of production and consumption, and notions of property that contributed to the rise of the commercial theatre in London.

Cultural Aesthetics

Filename: cultural-aesthetics.pdf
ISBN: 0226269531
Release Date: 1993-12-15
Number of pages: 291
Author: Patricia Fumerton
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Download and read online Cultural Aesthetics in PDF and EPUB A brilliant postmodern critique of Renaissance subjectivity, Cultural Aesthetics explores the simultaneous formation and fragmentation of aristocratic "selfhood" in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Patricia Fumerton situates the self within its sumptuous array of "trivial" arts—including the court literatures of chivalric romance, sonnet, and masque and the arts of architecture, miniature painting, stage design, and cuisine. Her integration of historicist and aesthetic perspectives makes this a provocative contribution to the vigorous field of Renaissance cultural studies.

The Roaring Girl

Filename: the-roaring-girl.pdf
ISBN: 0719016304
Release Date: 1990-05-15
Number of pages: 273
Author: Thomas Middleton
Publisher: Manchester University Press

Download and read online The Roaring Girl in PDF and EPUB An annotated edition of an important Jacobean comedy, which is currently receiving greater attention from critics and on stage because the leading character is based on a famous personality of the time, Moll Cutpurse. The history of Moll Cutpurse and its subsequent influence on the women's movement and feminist concerns make this book relevant to women's study courses and this is edition incorporates variant readings found in only one copy of the quarto.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Filename: sir-gawain-and-the-green-knight.pdf
ISBN: 0393060489
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 198
Author: Simon Armitage
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Download and read online Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in PDF and EPUB A poetic translation of the classic Arthurian story is an edition in alliterative language and rhyme of the epic confrontation between a young Round Table hero and a green-clad stranger who compels him to meet his destiny at the Green Chapel. 30,000 first printing.

The Renaissance Bible

Filename: the-renaissance-bible.pdf
ISBN: 0520213874
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 297
Author: Debora K. Shuger
Publisher: Univ of California Press

Download and read online The Renaissance Bible in PDF and EPUB The book treats the Protestant cultures of northern Europe, particularly England, examining biblical commentaries, plays, poems, sermons, and treatises, as well as the often startling negotiations between these texts and other cultural discourses. In Shuger's hands, these biblical materials serve to illuminate, and often radically reinterpret, the dominant issues in contemporary Renaissance studies: gender, the body, colonialism, subjectivity, desire, law, and history. Her work forcefully demonstrates the cultural centrality of Renaissance religion.

Black Feminist Thought

Filename: black-feminist-thought.pdf
ISBN: 9781135960131
Release Date: 2002-06-01
Number of pages: 283
Author: Patricia Hill Collins
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Black Feminist Thought in PDF and EPUB In spite of the double burden of racial and gender discrimination, African-American women have developed a rich intellectual tradition that is not widely known. In Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins explores the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals as well as those African-American women outside academe. She provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black feminist thinkers as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Audre Lorde. The result is a superbly crafted book that provides the first synthetic overview of Black feminist thought.