Double Eagle

Filename: double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 1844160904
Release Date: 2005-08-09
Number of pages: 416
Author: Dan Abnett
Publisher: Games Workshop

Download and read online Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB The vastly outnumbered Phantine Fighter Corps, flying missions out of airstrips on key offshore islands, launch one final desperate battle to prevent the evil Chaos legions of the dread-lord Anakwanar Sek from overrunning the war-torn world of Enothis. Reprint.

Fall of the Double Eagle

Filename: fall-of-the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 9781612348049
Release Date: 2015-10-23
Number of pages: 328
Author: John R. Schindler
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

Download and read online Fall of the Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB Although southern Poland and western Ukraine are not often thought of in terms of decisive battles in World War I, the impulses that precipitated the battle for Galicia in August 1914--and the unprecedented carnage that resulted--effectively doomed the Austro-Hungarian Empire just six weeks into the war. In Fall of the Double Eagle, John R. Schindler explains how Austria-Hungary, despite military weakness and the foreseeable ill consequences, consciously chose war in that fateful summer of 1914. Through close examination of the Austro-Hungarian military, especially its elite general staff, Schindler shows how even a war that Vienna would likely lose appeared preferable to the "foul peace" the senior generals loathed. After Serbia outgunned the polyglot empire in a humiliating defeat, and the offensive into Russian Poland ended in the massacre of more than four hundred thousand Austro-Hungarians in just three weeks, the empire never recovered. While Austria-Hungary's ultimate defeat and dissolution were postponed until the autumn of 1918, the late summer of 1914 on the plains and hills of Galicia sealed its fate.

Double Eagle

Filename: double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 9781561456062
Release Date: 2009-04-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Sneed B. Collard III
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

Download and read online Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB The year is 1862. The Skink, a Confederate ship, is attacked by Union forces and sinks off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Although the ship was rumored to be carrying newly minted gold coins, no trace of the wreck and not even a single piece of Confederate gold is ever found. Fast forward to 1973. Mike is prepared for another routine summer in Pensacola with his marine biologist father. But plans suddenly change and Mike finds himself on Shipwreck Island-near the site where the Skink went down and right in the middle of a century-old mystery!Mike and his new friend Kyle are intrigued by a salvage ship anchored just offshore. Some say it was brought in by fortune hunters searching for the long-lost Confederate ship and its treasure. But when the boys scale a fence at the fort on the island and explore a section closed off to the public, they realize that the fortune hunters may be looking in the wrong place. There in the sand-covered floor of an abandoned chamber they spot something shiny: an old double-eagle gold coin. Mike and Kyle agree to keep their discovery a secret and start their own investigation into the shipwreck and the missing gold.

The Double Eagle

Filename: the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 0241125421
Release Date: 1988
Number of pages: 336
Author: Stephen Brook
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

Download and read online The Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB

Double Eagle

Filename: double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 0491028717
Release Date: 1980
Number of pages: 278
Author: Charles McCarry
Publisher: W H Allen

Download and read online Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB

The Double Eagle

Filename: the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 9780007389582
Release Date: 2012-03-29
Number of pages: 400
Author: James Twining
Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Download and read online The Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB James Bond meets The Thomas Crown Affair in a spellbinding tale of international intrigue and suspense. Now available in e-book format for the first time.

Lone Star and Double Eagle

Filename: lone-star-and-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 0912646683
Release Date: 1982-01-01
Number of pages: 276
Author: Minetta Altgelt Goyne
Publisher: TCU Press

Download and read online Lone Star and Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB "[This book] concentrates upon a strongly bonded family during a period of separation that is necessarily preserved in much greater detail than their happier moments spent in one another's company. Being based to a large extent on letters that surely were never intended for the eyes of anyone outside the family and an intimate circle of friends, it also gives a more spontaneous view than most journals offer. These letters, preserved for more than eleven decades, are the record of years during which the Ernst Coreth family began really to enter into the affairs of its new homeland. No wish to magnify the importance of these people, no intent to dramatize their fate motivated the accompanying study, for much of what the Coreths experienced other immigrants experienced also"--Preface.

Illegal Tender

Filename: illegal-tender.pdf
ISBN: 9781439100295
Release Date: 2007-11-01
Number of pages: 384
Author: David Tripp
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Illegal Tender in PDF and EPUB It is one of America's treasures -- the most valuable ounce of gold in the world, the celebrated, the fabled, the infamous 1933 double eagle. It shouldn't even exist but it does, and its astonishing, true adventures read like "a composite of The Lord of the Rings and The Maltese Falcon" (The New York Times). Illegal to own and coveted all the more, it has been sought with passion by men of wealth and with steely persistence by the United States government for more than a half century. In 1905, at the height of the exuberant Gilded Age, President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned America's greatest sculptor, Augustus Saint- Gaudens -- as he battled in vain for his life -- to create what became America's most beautiful coin. In 1933 the hopes of America dimmed in the darkness of the Great Depression, and gold -- the nation's lifeblood -- hemorrhaged from the financial system. As the economy teetered on the brink of total collapse, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in his first act as president, assumed wartime powers while the nation was at peace and in a "swift, staccato action" unprecedented in United States history recalled all gold and banned its private ownership. But the United States Mint continued, quite legally, to strike nearly a half million 1933 double eagles that were never issued and were deemed illegal to own. In 1937, along with countless millions of other gold coins, they were melted down into faceless gold bars and sent to Fort Knox. The government thought they had destroyed them all -- but they were wrong. A few escaped, purloined in a crime -- an inside job -- that wasn't discovered until 1944. Then, the fugitive 1933 double eagles became the focus of a relentless Secret Service investigation spearheaded by the man who had put away Al Capone. All the coins that could be found were seized and destroyed. But one was beyond their reach, in a king's collection in Egypt, where it survived a world war, a revolution, and a coup, only to be lost again. In 1996, more than forty years later, in a dramatic sting operation set up by a Secret Service informant at the Waldorf-Astoria, an English and an American coin dealer were arrested with a 1933 double eagle which, after years of litigation, was sold in July 2002 to an anonymous buyer for more than $7.5 million in a record-shattering auction. But was it the only one? The lost one? Illegal Tender, revealing information available for the first time, tells a riveting tale of American history, liberally spiced with greed, intrigue, deception, and controversy as it follows the once secret odyssey of this fabulous golden object through the decades. With its cast of kings, presidents, government agents, shadowy dealers, and crooks, Illegal Tender will keep readers guessing about this incomparable disk of gold -- the coin that shouldn't be and almost wasn't -- until the very end.

Double Eagle and Rising Sun

Filename: double-eagle-and-rising-sun.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015013305993
Release Date: 1988
Number of pages: 265
Author: Raymond A. Esthus
Publisher: Duke Univ Pr

Download and read online Double Eagle and Rising Sun in PDF and EPUB

Islam Under the Double Eagle

Filename: islam-under-the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 0914710729
Release Date: 1981
Number of pages: 237
Author: Robert J. Donia
Publisher: East European Monographs

Download and read online Islam Under the Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB

Double Eagle and Crescent

Filename: double-eagle-and-crescent.pdf
ISBN: 0873950259
Release Date: 1967
Number of pages: 447
Author: Thomas Mack Barker
Publisher: SUNY Press

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Double Eagle

Filename: double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 9781615953899
Release Date: 2012-05-08
Number of pages: 231
Author: Keith Miles
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press Inc

Download and read online Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB Alan Saxon, pro golfer and amateur sleuth, has hit rock bottom. After a disastrous season on the golf circuit, he is hounded by his bank, harassed by his ex-wife and on the verge of losing his current girlfriend. So, when his friend and fellow pro golfer, Zuke Everett, invites him to trade another dreary English winter for a tournament at the posh new Golden Haze Golf Club in sunny California, he leaps at the chance. However, Saxon soon finds himself enmeshed in a tenacious web of violence and intrigue as he attempts to find his friend’s killer and free himself from suspicion. Beatings, betrayal and police badgering are par for this, the most treacherous course of Saxon’s life.

The Raven and The Double Eagle

Filename: the-raven-and-the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: 9781456819682
Release Date: 2010-11-22
Number of pages: 144
Author: Natalie P. Callaway
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Download and read online The Raven and The Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB In the early 1800s, Alaska belonged to the Russian American Company and Sitka, her capitol, was known as the “Paris of the Pacific”. The Tlingit Indians known as the Ravens, and the Russians, represented by the Double Eagle, were among Alaska's inhabitants. The Russian's ironical attitude toward the Tlingits led to their mutual distrust and suspicious manner. The relationship of the two cultures, tenuous at best, was ill-fated from the beginning.

Type two double eagles 1866 1876

Filename: type-two-double-eagles-1866-1876.pdf
ISBN: 0965241300
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 95
Author: Douglas Winter

Download and read online Type two double eagles 1866 1876 in PDF and EPUB

The Double Eagle

Filename: the-double-eagle.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015018992035
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages: 336
Author: Stephen Brook
Publisher: Picador

Download and read online The Double Eagle in PDF and EPUB