Alamo House

Filename: alamo-house.pdf
ISBN: 0345460073
Release Date: 2003-08-01
Number of pages: 302
Author: Sarah Bird

Download and read online Alamo House in PDF and EPUB A paperback book of comic female friendship and solidarity set against a backdrop of collegiate lowlife.

Alamo House

Filename: alamo-house.pdf
ISBN: 0393023230
Release Date: 1986
Number of pages: 317
Author: Sarah Bird
Publisher: W. W. Norton

Download and read online Alamo House in PDF and EPUB Collapse threatens a not-quite sorority house at the Univeristy of Texas and its residents' solidarity, as three Alamo House women--Mary Jo, Fayrene, and Collie--stage a madcap counterattack against the neighboring fraternity and other antagonists

Weird Texas

Filename: weird-texas.pdf
ISBN: 1402766874
Release Date: 2009-05-01
Number of pages: 283
Author: Wesley Treat
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

Download and read online Weird Texas in PDF and EPUB Praise for Weird Texas: "If your taste extends to the odd side of traveling, [this is your ticket].” --Booklist "...lives up to its promise of providing an overview of weird things found in Texas.” --Austin American Statesman

Scrappy Little Nobody

Filename: scrappy-little-nobody.pdf
ISBN: 9781501117206
Release Date: 2016-11-15
Number of pages: 304
Author: Anna Kendrick
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Scrappy Little Nobody in PDF and EPUB "A collection of whimsical autobiographical essays by the Academy Award-nominated actress and star of Up in the Air recounts memorable milestones from her New England upbringing to the blockbuster films that have made her one of Hollywood's most popular actresses, "--Baker & Taylor.

The Alamo Remembered

Filename: the-alamo-remembered.pdf
ISBN: 9780292759909
Release Date: 2013-12-06
Number of pages: 160
Author: Timothy M. Matovina
Publisher: University of Texas Press

Download and read online The Alamo Remembered in PDF and EPUB As Mexican soldiers fought the mostly Anglo-American colonists and volunteers at the Alamo in 1836, San Antonio's Tejano population was caught in the crossfire, both literally and symbolically. Though their origins were in Mexico, the Tejanos had put down lasting roots in Texas and did not automatically identify with the Mexican cause. Indeed, as the accounts in this new collection demonstrate, their strongest allegiance was to their fellow San Antonians, with whom they shared a common history and a common plight as war raged in their hometown. Timothy M. Matovina here gathers all known Tejano accounts of the Battle of the Alamo. These accounts consist of first reports of the battle, including Juan N. Seguín's funeral oration at the interment ceremony of the Alamo defenders, conversations with local Tejanos, unpublished petitions and depositions, and published accounts from newspapers and other sources. This communal response to the legendary battle deepens our understanding of the formation of Mexican American consciousness and identity.

The Gates of the Alamo

Filename: the-gates-of-the-alamo.pdf
ISBN: 0375412743
Release Date: 2001-05-01
Number of pages: 592
Author: Stephen Harrigan
Publisher: Vintage

Download and read online The Gates of the Alamo in PDF and EPUB A huge, riveting, deeply imagined novel about the siege and fall of the Alamo, an event that formed the consciousness of Texas and that resonates through American history. With its vibrant, unexpected characters and its richness of authentic detail, The Gates of the Alamo is an unforgettable re-creation of a time, a place, and a heroic conflict. The time is 1835. At the center of a canvas crowded with Mexicans and Americans, with Karankawa and Comanche Indians, with settlers of many nationalities, stand three people whose fortunes quickly become our urgent concern: Edmund McGowan, a naturalist of towering courage and intellect, whose life's work is threatened by the war against Mexico and whose character is tested by his own dangerous pride; Mary Mott, a widowed innkeeper on the Texas coast, a determined and resourceful woman; and her sixteen-year-old son, Terrell, whose first shattering experience with love leads him instead to war, and into the crucible of the Alamo. As Edmund McGowan and Mary Mott take off in pursuit of Terrell and follow him into the fortress, the powerful but wary attraction between them deepens. And the reader is drawn with them into the harrowing days of the battle itself. Never before has the fall of the Alamo been portrayed with such immediacy. And for the first time the story is told not just from the perspective of the American defenders but from that of the Mexican attackers as well. We follow Blas Montoya, a sergeant in an elite sharpshooter company, as he fights to keep his men alive not only in the inferno of battle but also during the long forced march north from Mexico proper to Texas. And through the eyes of the ambitious mapmaker Telesforo Villasenor, we witness the cold deliberations of General Santa Anna. Filled with dramatic scenes, abounding in fictional and historical personalities -- among them James Bowie, David Crockett, and William Travis -- The Gates of the Alamo enfolds us in history, and through its remarkable and passionate storytelling allows us to participate at last in an American legend.

Alamo Files The Rescue of JFK

Filename: alamo-files-the-rescue-of-jfk.pdf
ISBN: 0974988111
Release Date: 2004-05-01
Number of pages:
Author: Sycamore House Publishing

Download and read online Alamo Files The Rescue of JFK in PDF and EPUB

The Alamo Reader

Filename: the-alamo-reader.pdf
ISBN: 0811700607
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 837
Author: Todd Hansen
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Download and read online The Alamo Reader in PDF and EPUB If everyone was killed inside the Alamo, how do we know what happened? This surprisingly simple question was the genesis for Todd Hansen's compendium of source material on the subject, "The Alamo Reader". Utilising obscure and rare sources along with key documents never before published, Hansen carefully balances the accounts against one another, culminating in the definitive resource for Alamo history.

Eyewitness to the Alamo

Filename: eyewitness-to-the-alamo.pdf
ISBN: 9781461625636
Release Date: 2001-06-01
Number of pages: 288
Author: Bill Groneman
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

Download and read online Eyewitness to the Alamo in PDF and EPUB Eyewitness to the Alamo is the actual account of the siege and Battle of the Alamo by those who were present during the attack. This book is the first complete accounting of the Battle of the Alamo by one of our country's foremost authorities on the event.

Missional Monastic Mainline

Filename: missional-monastic-mainline.pdf
ISBN: 9781620326244
Release Date: 2014-01-30
Number of pages: 144
Author: Elaine A. Heath
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

Download and read online Missional Monastic Mainline in PDF and EPUB Here is the long-awaited volume that provides both the theoretical foundations and practical guidance for developing new monastic and missional communities in contexts that are theologically progressive, racially and economically diverse, and multicultural. This book contains the wisdom and perspectives of people who live and serve in missional, new monastic communities in United Methodist and other mainline traditions, and it describes new forms of theological education that are emerging to resource a new generation of Christian leaders. Heath and Duggins challenge Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and other Christians to reach into their own robust, mainline heritage for resources to develop small, intentional communities that practice a rigorous life of prayer, hospitality, and justice.

The White House Looks South

Filename: the-white-house-looks-south.pdf
ISBN: 0807130796
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 668
Author: William Edward Leuchtenburg
Publisher: LSU Press

Download and read online The White House Looks South in PDF and EPUB "At a time when race, class, and gender dominate historical writing, Leuchtenburg argues that place is no less significant. In a period when America is said to be homogenized, he shows that sectional distinctions persist. And in an era when political history is devalued, he demonstrates that government can profoundly affect people's lives and that presidents can be change-makers."--Jacket.

Joe the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend

Filename: joe-the-slave-who-became-an-alamo-legend.pdf
ISBN: 9780806149592
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Number of pages: 352
Author: Ron J. Jackson
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Download and read online Joe the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend in PDF and EPUB If we do in fact “remember the Alamo,” it is largely thanks to one person who witnessed the final assault and survived: the commanding officer’s slave, a young man known simply as Joe. What Joe saw as the Alamo fell, recounted days later to the Texas Cabinet, has come down to us in records and newspaper reports. But who Joe was, where he came from, and what happened to him have all remained mysterious until now. In a remarkable feat of historical detective work, authors Ron J. Jackson, Jr., and Lee Spencer White have fully restored this pivotal yet elusive figure to his place in the American story. The twenty-year-old Joe stood with his master, Lieutenant Colonel Travis, against the Mexican army in the early hours of March 6, 1836. After Travis fell, Joe watched the battle’s last moments from a hiding place. He was later taken first to Bexar and questioned by Santa Anna about the Texan army, and then to the revolutionary capitol, where he gave his testimony with evident candor. With these few facts in hand, Jackson and White searched through plantation ledgers, journals, memoirs, slave narratives, ship logs, newspapers, letters, and court documents. Their decades-long effort has revealed the outline of Joe’s biography, alongside some startling facts: most notably, that Joe was the younger brother of the famous escaped slave and abolitionist narrator William Wells Brown, as well as the grandson of legendary trailblazer Daniel Boone. This book traces Joe’s story from his birth in Kentucky through his life in slavery—which, in a grotesque irony, resumed after he took part in the Texans’ battle for independence—to his eventual escape and disappearance into the shadows of history. Joe, the Slave Who Became an Alamo Legend recovers a true American character from obscurity and expands our view of events central to the emergence of Texas.

Alamo in the Ardennes

Filename: alamo-in-the-ardennes.pdf
ISBN: 9780471739050
Release Date: 2007-02-26
Number of pages: 296
Author: John C. McManus
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Alamo in the Ardennes in PDF and EPUB "Alamo in the Ardennes tells the powerful yet little-known story of the bloody delaying action fought by the 28th Infantry Division, elements of the 9th and 10th Armored Divisions, and other, smaller units. Outnumbered at times by as much as ten to one, outgunned by Hitler's dreaded panzers, and with no hope of reinforcement, they bore the full fury of the Nazi onslaught for five days, making the Germans pay for every icy inch of ground they gained." "Featuring numerous maps and a complete list of the soldiers, local civilians, and German commanders whose actions it recounts, Alamo in the Ardennes provides a day-by-day account of this pivotal moment in America's greatest war."--Jacket.

The Alamo

Filename: the-alamo.pdf
ISBN: 9781461635178
Release Date: 2003-04-15
Number of pages: 192
Author: Edwin P. Hoyt
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Alamo in PDF and EPUB Read of the triumph, passion, and tragedy of the valiant yet doomed defenders of the Old Spanish mission.